Why Routine Maintenance Is So Important for a New Car

You probably won’t find a single mechanic on the planet who will tell you to disregard routine maintenance. So maybe you think that our insistence about keeping up with routine maintenance on a brand-new car is just the mechanics’ “party line.” But we know that keeping up with regular maintenance will benefit you up until the time you decide to part ways with your once-new car for another.

Routine Maintenance Keeps Your Car Running Like New

It’s called “maintenance” for a reason—the work done at regularly scheduled intervals, like: Continue reading

We do MUCH More Than Talk-the-Talk

Are you looking for the best auto repair services? Look no further than Quanz Auto Care. We offer what it takes to back up our claims of superior auto body and mechanical service. Maintaining your car’s health and value is our top priority, and here’s how we walk our walk:

Experienced, Certified Technicians

Our team of expert, auto technicians is capable of handling anything from routine maintenance to major mechanical or auto body repair. Our team’s credentials include: Continue reading

DIY Maintenance or the Pros?

When it comes to repairing your vehicle, it may be tempted to try and save a little cash by attempting DIY maintenance and repairs. The problem is the “What if?” What if you don’t do the maintenance or repair job right? That can lead to even pricier issues later down the road. So, the money you save and then some will be going to a professional mechanic to fix the bigger issue. Our advice: at least always consult with an ASE-certified mechanic…unless it’s one of these issues:

Maintenance Issues You Do NOT Want to Toy With

There are some maintenance or mechanical repairs that you should always leave to your ASE-certified technician at Quanz Auto Care: Continue reading

Don’t Let Vehicle Damage Ruin Your Trip

There’s a lot of summer fun to be had outside, but most vacation and stay-cation destinations require driving to get there. That means that summer fun comes with the possibility of an accident. But an accident doesn’t have to ruin your trip. If you take the time to equip yourself with information about your insurance coverage and have the insurance claims management specialists at Quanz Auto Care to back you up, you can salvage your trip.

What You Need to Know before You Go

The best safeguard against accident-smashed vacation plans is knowledge of your insurance coverage. Before your leave home, review your auto insurance policy (call your agent if you have to) to find out: Continue reading

Underglow LED Lights: Facts and Myths

The possibilities for customizing your ride are nearly endless. While countless aftermarket products exist to change or enhance your vehicle’s appearance, not all customization options enjoy the same legality in all states. That leads many who would like to add the eye-catching appeal of neon underglow lights to their car to ask: Is that legal in New Mexico?

The short answer: Yes, but… Continue reading

Tips to Prevent Car Break-ins and Theft

Albuquerque often makes the list of cities with the highest rates of car theft. To prevent becoming a victim, safeguard your car and the things in it to deter thieves from targeting your vehicle.

Preventing Break-ins

Common sense is the first defense against car thieves. In short, don’t make your car an attractive or easy target. Discourage thieves by: Continue reading

The Cost of an Oil Change Done Wrong

At Quanz Auto Care, we like to think that the importance of getting regular oil changes is common sense. Old oil that has accumulated contaminants does not provide the same quality of lubrication, increasing friction and heat that can damage your engine. But equally important as the regularity of oil changes is the quality of the oil change job. Doing a basic oil change wrong can have some nasty consequences.

Too Much Oil

A little too much oil may not be a noticeable problem. However, if you’re talking more than one quart above the recommended amount, you may be headed towards engine performance trouble. Here’s what happens: Continue reading

DIY Vehicle Emergency Helps when You’re Out of Cell Range

What is summer vacation without outdoor adventures? It’s hardly a summer, right? If you are planning to exit the city and enjoy wide open spaces, make sure to pack the essentials in case you get stuck outside of cellular service areas.

Before You Leave, Pack…

A failure to plan is a plan for failure, so to make sure that you can make it to your destination and back, you must have the basic tools and supplies for emergency DIY roadside assistance.

Assuming your great outdoors getaway will take you to locales with unpaved roads, sparse population and little cell reception, we recommend: Continue reading

Advantages of Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance is necessary for a business to conduct everyday operations efficiently. Regular maintenance and vehicles repairs may seem like a hassle, particularly if you don’t have a fleet maintenance provider in place. Quanz Auto Care provides fleet maintenance to help you achieve immediate and long-term cost savings.

Preventative Maintenance

A fleet vehicle maintenance program from Quanz puts a team of ASE-certified technicians at your disposal to provide Continue reading

Vacation Prep: Get There and Back in One Piece

You want your vacation to be memorable for all the right reasons, and that doesn’t include unexpected car troubles, car accidents or other types of emergencies. While you can’t control everything, proper planning can go a long way to preventing unwanted hassles and tragedies. So, if you’re planning to take to the road for your summer vacation, we have a few tips.

Prepare Your Car for Your Travel and Destination

Travel throughout the US has the potential to take you through the blistering heat of southern Texas or the likes of Death Valley as well as unseasonably cool Pacific Northwest where mountain camping could very well see snow. You need to make sure your car is prepared for the Continue reading

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