Why We’ve Been Voted “Best in the City”…Again

The votes have been tallied and the announcements made, but just recently you may be noticing the new “Best of the City” award stickers on doors, maybe even celebratory specials. As you may already know, Quanz Auto Care won “Best of the City” for auto body repair in 2016…like we did in 2015 and 2014 and 2013 and 2011. What’s the secret behind our success? Our commitment to you!

We Offer the Best Product

Part of what makes us Albuquerque’s best choice for collision repair is Continue reading

Guest Blog: My Daughter’s Car Was Rear-Ended. Here’s the Repair Story

It was every father’s worst nightmare: my daughter called me crying, saying, “Daddy, I’ve been in an accident.” After the initial panic, realizing the she was calling, so she was okay, I took a breath and prepared myself for the hassles to come…but they never came.

Roadside Recovery

I was the first call my daughter made, so I stayed on the phone with her while she waited for police to arrive. I coached her on the next steps— Continue reading

What’s Driving Popular Paint Colors?

If you look at popular car colors throughout the years, you will notice a distinct trend from the early 2000s to today—neutrals and grayscale. Why are car paint colors so drab? Do people really like them? Sort of. We did some digging, and it seems that economic forces for the manufacturer and consumer are driving the standard neutral color palette.

Trending: Today’s Most Popular Colors

The most comprehensive research into car color preferences to date comes from surveys conducted and compiled in 2012, and the results are: Continue reading

City Driving Tips

Albuquerque may not be the biggest city, but it still poses some of the traffic and parking challenges of a big city. To optimize your fuel efficiency and ease into available parking, follow these city driving tips: Continue reading

5 Driving Habits You Need to Develop to Prevent Accidents

Car accidents can cause serious injuries and serious (expensive) damage. Many car accidents are completely preventable, and many prevention strategies are no-brainers. Here are five must-have driving habits to keep you and others on the road safe:

Don’t Text/Talk and Drive

The City of Albuquerque is a hands-free zone, but we’ve all seen drivers continue to Continue reading

Top 3 Auto Body Repair Concerns after an Accident

Even if your car looks okay after an accident, you need to get your car to Quanz Auto Care ASAP. Some damage may be hidden and/or lead to future (more expensive) damage. When you bring your car to us, here are the top three things we look for:

#1: Drivability

After some collisions, assessing drivability is a no-brainer. If axles are bent or your car just won’t start, it’s not drivable. However, there are times when your car functions but it is not safe to drive, such as: Continue reading

What Happens If I Don’t Change My Oil?

Oil change

Everyone knows that regular oil changes are essential to your engine’s health. That’s actually a fact, not just a scheme to get you to get more oil changes. There are dire consequences if you do not get your oil changed at manufacturer-recommended intervals.

Engine Mechanics 101

Inside your engine there are a lot of moving parts—pistons go up and down, connecting rods and crankshafts turn, etc. Most of these components are made of metal. When metal parts move against other metal parts, they create friction, and friction causes heat. Heat, in turn, causes expansion of metal, and expanded metal parts just don’t fit in places where lubricated, cooled metal parts fit.

That’s why you need oil. Oil coats metal components to reduce Continue reading

4 Vehicle Spring Cleaning Focus Areas You Can’t Ignore


Winter is a harsh time of year for the exterior and interior of your car…and that makes spring the perfect time to remove the remnants of winter! To improve the look and feel of your car, focus on:

Removing winter road wash residue from your car’s exterior

Salt is corrosive, and any salt left behind can eat into body panels. Removing it requires a thorough wash, which includes: Continue reading

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