How We Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Yesterday was the 42nd annual Earth Day. Every April 22nd we are reminded how fragile our planet is and how we have the power to reduce our unsustainable trends of waste and pollution. Quanz Advanced Auto Care is committed to doing everything we can to be an environmentally-friendly auto maintenance and collision repair shop. Here’s how we do it…

We Recycle!

Recycling keeps waste from just being waste that sits in a landfill, potentially leaking into ground water supplies. Recycling gives old stuff new life! At Quanz, we try to give as much old car “stuff” a new start as possible, so we recycle:

Cardboard. Local recycling company Earth Day comes once a week to collect cardboard and paper from Quanz Advanced Auto Care.

Scrap metal. Earth Day takes care of our scrap metal, too!

Tires. Some of our tires don’t even need to be recycled—they’re given a new purpose as retaining walls for local residents. Those tires that don’t find a new home are recycled.

Oil, Coolant and Paint. With the help of a nationwide recycler—Crystal Clean—car fluids never end up down the drain or in a landfill. Every week, our drums are collected. So far this year, that’s allowed over 2,400 gallons of oil alone to be recycled!

Quanz also collects old car batteries and Freon to be recycled.

We Generate Clean Energy!

Quanz Advanced Auto Care is equipped with a 408-solar panel, 93.84 kW array. By using solar power, we produce 257,580 fewer pounds of carbon dioxide…that’s the same as planting almost 3,000 trees or not driving 269,060 miles!

We Use Eco-Friendly Products!

To the greatest extent possible, we try to be green all the way down to our supplies. We look for products that are responsibly made and that produce little waste. Our most notable eco-friendly offering is our waterborne paint system. It produces 80% less VOC emissions and produces no hazardous waste.

At Quanz Advanced Auto Care, we do what we can every day to take care of your car and our planet! You can do you part by thinking local first!