10 Things to Know before Having Your Car Repaired

No matter how safely you drive, you can’t control all the other drivers or the weather or any number of circumstances that could factor into a car accident. That’s why the chances that you will get in an accident sometime in your life are very high, which increases the likelihood of needing car repair as well.

But before you go head-to-head with your insurance company or decide it’s just not worth the hassle, you should know:

  • Do not drive a car that may be unsafe because of damages. This kind of assessment should be done by a professional. Some damages, like frame misalignment or damage to the powertrain, aren’t visible to the eye but can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Driving a damaged car makes you a danger to yourself and others.
  • You should have repairs professionally done. Next to your home, your car is probably your largest asset or investment. Doing repairs by yourself or by someone who isn’t trained may void manufacturer warranties or end up costing more because repairs that need repair aren’t covered by a new warranty. Having your car repairs done by professionals helps preserve the value of your automobile.
  • You have options for where an insurance adjuster can inspect your car. Many insurance companies will want you to visit their drive-in claims center. If this is convenient, this is a good option. But if your car is not drivable or the claims center is not convenient for you to get to, you can ask the adjuster to come to the location where your car was towed (hopefully to a reputable garage).
  • You do not have to get more than one estimate. There is no law that requires you have two or more quotes before repairs can begin and insurance coverage apply.
  • The lower estimate is not always the better one. If you do get more than one quote, there are likely to be differences. However, a lower estimate is not always the best choice. Lower estimates may not include all necessary work…but the necessary work will be included in the final bill. If there are large discrepancies between quotes, ask.
  • You have the right to choose your repair shop. Unlike many medical insurance/benefits plans, insurance companies do not contract with a “preferred network” of auto collision repair shops, so you are free to choose your own. However, your insurance company may make recommendations based on their experience and working relationship with certain garages. (Quanz Advanced Auto Body is part of the Direct Repair Program for eleven insurance agencies and work with many others.)
  • Choose a repair shop that offers a warranty on the work they perform. Quanz Advanced Auto Body provides a lifetime warranty on our workmanship and the manufacturer’s warranty for all parts.
  • Choose a shop with unibody repair equipment and certified technicians. Most cars today are built with a unibody frame, which means that impact anywhere on the vehicle may affect the alignment and the integrity of the entire vehicle. Sophisticated equipment and highly-skilled technicians trained to use the equipment are needed to assess the damage and restore the car to pre-collision alignment. Quanz Advanced Auto Body employs I-CAR Gold Class-certified auto body technicians to use the most advanced Chief® alignment systems.
  • Choose a shop that uses original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts. Using reconditioned or generic replacement components may void manufacturer warranties.
  • Quanz Advanced Auto Body can handle your insurance claim for you. We can expedite your repairs by handling your claim directly.

Being alert and driving defensively are your best means of preventing an accident. But if someone or something else damages your car, you know what to do…bring it to Quanz Advanced Auto Body for quality repairs and no insurance hassle.