3 Easy Ways to Tell if Your Car’s Heating System Needs Service

It’s warming up inthe greater Albuquerque area, but not so much that you don’t need your heaterin the mornings and evenings (or during that freak cold snap we’re bound to getin late spring). Chances are, if your heater needs service, you’ll know. But incase you’re not sure what you should be looking for, here are some clear signsyou need to see the ASE-certified technicians at Quanz Auto Body:

#1: Little or No Heat

Obviously, ifyou’ve got your heat cranked and have been driving around for 15 minutes ormore, and you’re still not noticing a distinct warm-up in your cabin, chancesare something’s wrong with your heating system. And you may be able to tell ifit’s a blower issue or a heater core issue. Here’s the test:

Does turning the fan speed up do anything? Do you hear louder“whooshing”?

If not, your blower isn’t working properly, so the warm air isn’t beingdirected into the cabin from the heater core.

If you do hear your fan spin faster (louder), then likely it’s a holein the heater core.

#2: Foggy Windows

If you’re drivingalong with a warm engine and your windows begin to fog up, you’re heatingsystem needs help. The fog is the result of a leak in the hose, which isletting steamy coolant into your cabin.

#3: The Sweet, Sweet Smell of Coolant

Depending on wherethe leak is, you may not see any condensation, but you will likely smell theleaked fluid. Since the heater core is right behind your dashboard, most leaksfind their way into the cabin on the floor below the passenger seat.

While your nose islikely going to be first to alert you to the leak, you may also feel moisturein the passenger foot area and see a leak outside the car. Atthe first sign of heating system issues, bring your car to Quanz’s Westside location for service. Early fixes are often a loteasier and cheaper than repairs for problems that have been neglected forweeks.