3 Ways You Can Increase the Longevity of Your Vehicle

Cars are a significant investment, and you want to get the most for your money. The best way to maximize the value of your investment is to make sure your vehicle lasts as long as possible. Fortunately, a vehicle’s useful life is not just a matter of change. There are a number of ways you can extend your car’s longevity, and our top there are:

  • Keep Up with Maintenance

Your car is a complex machine. All components need to work together for optimal efficiency and fuel economy. If one part breaks down, that failure leads to the breakdown of additional components and systems.

While fixing that “one part” may not be absolutely necessary, if you put off maintenance and small repairs, eventually, you will be left with an enormous repair job (and bill)…and depending on how many useful years your car has left, that huge repair bill might not even be worth the money.

You can avoid untimely breakdown and unnecessary expense by keeping up with routine maintenance—oil changes, filter changes, belt checks and replacements, etc.

  • Maintain Adequate Tire Pressure

Tire pressure may not seem like a big deal, but under- and over-inflated tires create safety and maintenance problems. Improperly inflated tires can create dangerous conditions when you’re driving in inclement weather. Underinflated tires can also lead to bent wheel rims, affecting wheel alignment, which (again) increases safety risks as well as leads to faster tread wear and poor fuel economy.

The easy fix is to periodically check your tire pressure to make sure your tires have the manufacturer’s recommended psi for the time of year.

  • Keep It Clean and Covered

Sun, rain, snow, dust and dirt all wear down your car’s paint. And chips, scratches and dents that aren’t taken care of can lead to major paint damage down the road, such as peeling and rust.

If you want to keep your car looking new—i.e., avoid fading and peeling—keep your car covered and out of the elements. While a garage or car port is best, even a car cover will help.

You will get the best useful life from your vehicle if you keep up with maintenance, tire pressure checks and paint care from the start. But, if you’ve neglected your vehicle a little, some extra TLC from a trained mechanic or auto body technician can work wonders. The team at Quanz Auto Body provides the service you need. Contact us today for a free estimate.