4 Ways to Promptly Find Reliable Auto Collision Repair Services

You’ve been in a car accident. You’re shaken up. Once you’ve finished taking care of exchanging insurance information, filing a police report and tending to any injuries, now you have the work of getting your car repaired.

So how do you quickly find a reliable auto collision repair service?

Ask Around and Check the Reviews

The first step when finding a reliable auto collision repair service is to ask around and check reviews. You will probably find that many of your family and friends have been in an accident and required collision repair of some sort. With just a quick phone call or text, you can find out who they used, whether or not they liked them and whether they feel like they did a good job (or not).

Once you have a small list of shops to look in to, you can search the Internet for positive or negative reviews to further refine your search for quality collision repair.

Check their Certifications and Awards

Once you’ve narrowed your search down to a few collision repair shops, you can either call or hop online and check their certifications. You should insist on a repair shop that is I-CAR Gold Class certified and OEM-certified for your car’s make. These credentials provide third-party assurance that the shop has the knowledge and skills to fix your car right the first time.

While you’re searching, also check for local awards and recognition from non-profits and media. These may help you find the shop that offers the best customer experience on top of actual repair quality.

Ask Questions

You can get a lot of information online, but to find the best auto collision repair shop, you may need to ask the shop questions directly. You should not entrust your car to anyone for collision repair until you know:

  • If the shop offers a warranty on parts and labor
  • What their warranty covers
  • How long their warranty lasts
  • If they use OEM or aftermarket parts
  • If they communicate with your insurance company directly on your behalf

Make a list before you call and don’t feel that any question isn’t worth asking.

Trust Your Intuition

If you feel that a shop isn’t what you want, then find another one. Perhaps it’s a lack of communication or your point of contact is grouchy; the shop seemed deserted or you just don’t get a good feeling—whatever seems “off,” it’s within your right to find another shop.

When you know how to find reliable auto collision repair, we know you’ll find it at Quanz Auto Body .

You deserve the highest quality care, especially after an accident. Our work reflects our core values, and you will know that we value you when we take the time to answer your questions and, more importantly, you get your car back beautifully restored to pre-accident condition. Contact us today for a better collision repair experience.