4 Ways You Can Preserve Your Vehicle’s Paint

Your car is aninvestment, and you want to keep your car’s paint looking good-as-new for aslong as possible. But life’s every-day doesn’t make that task simple. As carrepair specialists, QuanzAuto Care ishere to help you with a few pointers to help you keep your car’s paint shinyand new!

  • Be gentle

Yourcar’s paint job is made to stand up to a lot of abuse. But over time, smallrocks, rubs, scrapes and even sunlight can cause your car’s paint to look lessthan its best.

There’sno way to avoid all paint-damaging hazards, but one of the most importantthings you can do is to avoid rough roads, gravel roads and construction zonesas much as possible. (Although, who isn’t already trying to stay away fromconstruction zones, right?) Keeping on smooth, clear roads will dramaticallydecrease the amount of debris you encounter, which reduces the overall amountof damage your paint sustains.

  • Keep it covered

Muchlike photos and fabric, your car’s paint will fade and crack from exposure toUV rays. Keeping your vehicle covered is the best protection.

Ideally,keeping your car covered means parking it in a garage or carport. Under shadeis good, but be aware that trees introduce other paint hazards—like sap,perching birds and falling branches.

  • Wash carefully and regularly

Tokeep your car’s paint looking fresh and new, wash gently. Use detergentformulated for cars and soft, cleansponges to wash and a clean chamois and microfiber towels to dry.

Makesure you wash your car either in the shade or on a cloudy day. Mineral depositsfrom water drops left to dry can also cause damage to paint. And wash often(but not too often—we recommend once every three months) because dirt left toolong on a car invites further damage.

  • Choose the right repair shop

Repairinga vehicle’s paint is as much an art as a science. If you take your car in forrepair because it doesn’t look good, you don’t want it leaving with the sameproblem.

Choosingthe right repair shop can mean the difference between a lousy paint job,good-looking paint job that only lasts for a few weeks and a durable,great-looking paint job. To get the latter, bring it to Quanz. Whetheryour paint just needs some touch-ups or requires serious repair, our certifiedtechnicians will take your vehicle through a quality-controlled, eco-friendly process tomake it look as good-as-new! Contactustoday!