A History of Making It Better

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The Story of Quanz Auto Body in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Quanz Auto Body has been providing better collision repairs and better mechanical repairs in Albuquerque for more than 30 years. Our story begins in 1980, in the backyard of Rick Quanz’s Rio Rancho home.

Humble Beginnings

In 1980, Rick worked hard at Coronado Salvage in the mornings and worked hard repairing vehicles at home in the afternoons. After a while Rick, began to hire technicians to help him. As the months passed, the word about Rick Quanz and his quality work was spreading around Rio Rancho, and more and more people wanted their vehicles repaired by Quanz.

A Growing Family

While Rick Quanz was beginning to build a business, he was also beginning to build a family. He met Barbara Putzier, who accepted his proposal in October of 1980 and became his wife in June of 1981.  Like any responsible married man, Rick sold his speed boat, his camper, and his truck and began to think about providing for his new bride. With his future family in mind, he bought a little two-bay Fina gas station on Alameda and got to work. In 1982, their first son, Adam, was born, and Andrew was born in 1983.

In 1985, Rick had a life changing experience (ask him about it—he’d love to tell you the story.) That same year, he hired Roy Stewart, and in 1986 he hired Greg Riewe, both of whom are still working at Quanz (as of 2015).

God-Sent Guidance

The business was growing so fast that in 1986, Rick began to pray for some much needed help.  That prayer was answered on the day that Chad Cisco, Rick’s old friend from Ken Schultz Buick, dropped into the shop. Chad said that he had been praying for a new place to work, and soon the two were hard at work helping folks who traveled regularly along Alameda from Rio Rancho to Albuquerque. Rick and Chad took pride in their work and in the way they treated people. Chad, as the service manager, began to remind the team that “…we’re in the people business—we just happen to fix cars.”

During this time, Quanz Motor Car Co. was open for business seven days each week—that is until Rick sensed God telling him to close on Sundays. So he did, and immediately business increased, and the day off made life better for everyone.

The third Quanz boy, Daniel, was born in 1987.

In 1988, Rick was led to close on Saturdays. He did, and again the business increased immediately.   Now everyone on the team had the whole weekend off, and life was even better.

By the early 1990s, Quanz Motor Car Co. had added on to the Fina station seven times. Business was booming, and the team was working hard. They could hardly keep up with the growth.

As a show of his gratitude, Rick was inspired to “make it better” for his team members by giving each one a full Thanksgiving dinner—not just a turkey, which some companies do, but everything you need for a Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, stuffing, cranberries, potatoes, green beans, rolls, etc…everything! The company still does this every year as a token of thanks to the team members.

In 1992 Alameda was to be widened, and the state of New Mexico was buying up all the properties along the boulevard. Quanz Motor Car Co. was forced to relocate.  After several real estate deals fell through, Barbara sensed God tell her that they were to “cross the river” (Joshua 1:1-9) and buy the property on the corner of Eagle Ranch and Paseo Del Norte, which at that time was nothing but desert. In faith, Rick arranged the financing and made the offer. The deal closed, and construction on the new shop was completed within six months—especially miraculous as Rick served as general contractor on the project. With the move, the company changed its name from Quanz Motor Car Co. to Quanz Advanced Auto Care and generated more than double the revenue from the prior year.

The Next Quanz Generation

In 2007, after completing a business degree from CU Boulder, Adam Quanz began working at Quanz Advanced Auto Care. Adam learned the business by working in detail, quality control, as an estimator and production manager before assuming the shop manager position in 2010.

Andrew Quanz began working at the shop in 2005. Andrew was an apprentice to a body repairman and eventually served in the parts ordering position. Late 2013, Andrew was given responsibility for the Quanz community garden, egg farm and cattle ranch.

As early as 2004, while still in high school, Daniel was working at the shop as the “gopher.” Eventually he served in the detail, paint and parts departments. After a stint at film school in New York, Daniel returned to Albuquerque, and in 2006, came to work at the shop as a service writer. After Chad Cisco retired at the end of 2013, he assumed the service manager position. And now with one mechanical and two collision shops, Daniel assists Adam running all locations.

In 2013, Rick had another life changing experience. This experience brought to mind important questions about his values, passion and purpose. Answers to those questions have inspired him to “double-down” on his commitment to “make it better.” Not only is Quanz Advanced Auto Body “making it better” on the “inside”—in 2014 we started “making it better” on the “outside” with a name change (from Quanz Advanced Auto Care to Quanz Auto Care), new logo and type face.

Become Part of the Family

If you have a passion for making it better, consider joining the Quanz Auto Body team. Contact us to find out about available positions and job requirements.

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