A New Driver’s Easy Car Care and Maintenance Guide

Whether it’s an old clunker or a brand new vehicle, getting your first car is an amazing experience. In all the excitement, you might overlook a few of the important maintenance steps you’ll need to perform to keep your new car in top shape. Here is a quick run-down of essential car care to help you along. 

Checking Fluids

Maintaining your car’s fluid levels is essential for its longevity and top performance. Never checking and replenishing them can have serious and expensive consequences. Check your owner’s manual to determine how often to check your oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and water levels.

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes keep your engine safe and running smoothly. Most experts recommend changing your oil every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, but this may vary based on your car and how you drive it. Your trusted mechanic or service center can perform an oil change and remind you when it’s time for your next one.


Tune-ups are an important part of preventative maintenance. They consist of replacing spark plugs and spark plug wires, cleaning or replacing air filters, inspecting distributor caps and rotors and other tasks. Your type of car and driving habits determine how often you’ll need a tune-up. Check with your mechanic to learn more.

Tire Rotation

Changing the position of your tires periodically helps prevent uneven wear that can eventually cause alignment problems and poor fuel efficiency. Many experts recommend having your tires rotated every time you have an oil change.

Belt Inspections

Your vehicle’s belts operate various parts of its engine. If they begin to dry out, sag or look damaged in any way, take your vehicle to a professional immediately. A broken belt can cause serious damage to your car. Look in your owner’s manual to determine what types of belts your car has and where they’re located, so you can check them regularly.

Visit Quanz Auto Body for Routine Maintenance

Keeping your car running as smoothly as possible throughout its lifetime is a goal you can easily accomplish when you trust your routine maintenance and mechanical repairs to a conscientious and skilled mechanic. At Quanz Auto Body, we’re devoted to combining the best automotive services with the best customer service to make your experience with us one you’ll brag about to your friends. Visit us today, and let us show you how we’re different.