Getting Top Dollar

What You Can Do To Maximize Resale Value

When you bought your vehicle you were probably aware that it’d begin to lose value immediately after driving away from the dealership. While you probably aren’t worried about its value initially, someday you may be looking to sell or trade that vehicle. Fortunately there are a few things you can to do try to maintain, and even increase, your vehicle’s value.

Keeping your car in pristine condition is nearly impossible and something people usually only do for that nice sports car. But for everyday work vehicles, there are certainly things you can do to keep it looking nice, running smoothly, and maintaining its value:

  • Regular Maintenance:

You’re probably aware of the significance of regular maintenance for keeping your vehicle running smoothly. But if you’re one of the many people that simply refuses to get an oil change and check your tires, here’s another reason: it can maintain your vehicle’s value. Obviously you’ll get more money for a vehicle that runs smoothly as opposed to a clunker.

  • Maintain the Exterior:

Accidentally back into a parking barrier and leave a small dent? Aside from being a small eyesore, these dents and dings can hurt your car’s resale value. Be sure to get them repaired immediately. Minor repairs are generally very affordable and can add value to your vehicle in the future.

  • Maintain the Interior:

Everyone has spilled that cup of coffee while driving. You may wipe it up, but be sure you really clean it up. Maintaining your vehicle’s interior adds value by enhancing the look of your car. Be sure to clean stains, vacuum floorboards, and dust your dashboard.

  • Limit Customization:

Everyone loves a great sound system, but if you’re having major customization work done to your vehicle, you may want to think twice. While customization can be great, major work can really impact your car. From re-wiring for new stereo systems and alarms to adding new exhaust systems, too much work on your vehicle can hurt its resale value.

These are just some of what you can do to maintain your vehicle and improve its resale value. The best advice is to take the best possible care of your vehicle. Don’t be afraid to take it to the mechanic for help.

When you buy a new car you’re probably not thinking about selling it right away. But the moment will come in the future when you may wish to sell or trade it. When that moment comes, be sure you’ve taken great care of your vehicle to ensure you get the most value possible.