Aftermarket Add-Ons that Really Add (Resale) Value to your Car

Thinking about getting a new ride in 2012? Some mods may help you maximize your car’s resale value, but beware the aftermarket add-ons that actually detract from your car’s value! Stick to these practical installations to increase the marketability of your vehicle:

Security Systems

Anything that makes a vehicle harder to break into or steal is going to add resale value. The better the security system, the more value added to the car. Depending on your budget, you can start with something as simple as an immobilizer (no, not The Club®)—a small electronic key recognition device. On the higher end of security systems would be a vehicle recovery system, which may be costly, but will certainly boost the resale value of your car.

Navigation Systems

While adding a GPS can add value to your car, keep in mind that you want to choose a model that can be easily updated. A navigation system that is installed into the dash of your vehicle and is difficult to update will be a turn off for potential buyers. Make sure you’re getting a user-friendly model that will be useful for years to come.


This is an area that could either add or take away value from your vehicle. A professionally installed sunroof or moonroof is desirable. However, many vehicle owners try to save money by doing the installation themselves. It’s a complicated process and best left to the pros. A self-installed sunroof or moonroof will be obvious and will take away from the value of your car.

Bed Liners

Truck bed liners protect the truck bed and are generally simple to install. Bed liners are one of the simplest, cheapest ways to add resale value to your car.

When you’re adding aftermarket features to your car, keep in mind that you will likely not recoup the entire cost of the upgrade when you sell your vehicle. It’s best to invest in aftermarket add-ons that you will be using for a few years before trying to sell your car. Add-ons for the sake of resale value will almost always leave you with less money than when you started.