DIY and Professional Air Conditioning Repairs

We are officially in the Dog Days of Summer, which also puts us in the midst of Air Conditioning Appreciation Days. If you are not able to appreciate sufficient cooling from your car’s AC system, it’s time to do something about it.

DIY AC Repairs

The first step to any AC repairs, whether you or your mechanic is doing them, is to identify what actually needs repair. If your AC isn’t working, there are a few possible culprits.

  • If the fan works but your car just doesn’t cool off, likely, the refrigerant is low.
  • If the fans aren’t blowing anything, there may be an electrical issue or slipped belt.

Advanced troubleshooting requires knowing what components of your AC system look like and where they are under the hood. If you don’t have the time or the mechanical inclination to figure that out, schedule a maintenance appointment with your mechanic.

For those adventurous enough to dabble in DIY auto maintenance, it’s really only safe to address the low refrigerant. You can add refrigerant to your system—cans of Freon are available at any auto parts store.

Here’s the issue: your AC system is a closed system. It shouldn’t be losing refrigerant at all. If refrigerant is low, that means there’s a leak somewhere. So, while topping off Freon can improve cabin climate control, it’s only a temporary fix. You should still schedule a maintenance appointment to address the bigger issue.

Don’t Try This at Home

For those who like to tinker under the hood, there may be more DIY AC fixes (or at least troubleshooting) you can do. However, we strongly caution against them. At Quanz Advanced Auto Body, we tend to see a lot of cars needing AC repair after DIY attempts went awry. There are some AC repairs that are health hazards (e.g. refrigerant handling) and some that can lead to illegal activity (i.e. refrigerant venting), albeit accidental. And when you try to fix your air conditioning and then have to take it to a mechanic anyway, you waste time and energy and spend more money than you intended.

If you need AC repair, please contact us. We may be able to diagnose the issue over the phone based on your description of the problem and give you a quote. If there’s a change in the work that needs to be done, we’ll always let you know before we proceed with the service. We take appointments and drop-offs, so come in when it’s convenient for you. Just don’t wait too long…you don’t want to sweat through the rest of the New Mexico summer.