About Your Air Filter

The outside air is bull of debris that need to be filtered out before the oxygen reaches your engine. The air filter in your engine protects this valuable part of your vehicle from debris that could cause major damage to your car (and your wallet).

Where Your Air Filter is Located

The constant intake of air is because oxidation is required for your engine to run. Your air filter is located in a box just in front of your engine. The box’s job is to collect cold air to supply to your engine. It acts as a filter that catches things like bugs and other contaminants that could enter your engine and cause damage.

Benefits of Changing Your Air Filter Regularly

Changing your air filter regularly (every 6,000 miles) will ensure that air is being cleaned properly before entering the engine. This can benefit your car because:

  • It’ll keep your engine running longer. Less damage to the pistons and cylinders in your engine means that your vehicle can run for longer than if a large amount of debris were to have entered through the air intake area.
  • It is much cheaper to fix. Replacing your air filter is inexpensive; replacing your engine is not. You can prevent engine damage by replacing your air filter regularly, and at an inexpensive price (usually anywhere from $10-$20.
  • It increases fuel efficiency. Because a clogged air filter can reduce air intake that your engine requires to accelerate, your car works harder to propel itself over the same amount of ground. Replacing your air filter will allow your car to use less energy trying to suck in air and use that fuel to help you accelerate.

Our technicians will conveniently change your air filter when you come in for an oil change. Stop in to Quanz Advanced Auto Body today. No appointment is necessary!