Busting Airbag Myths

If you’ve never had an accident in which your airbag deployed, first, count yourself lucky. Second, be aware that you may be gullible to a number of airbag myths.
There’s a lot of urban lore surrounding the function and usefulness of airbags, like:

Airbags were designed to be used instead of seatbelts, so you don’t need to buckle up.

This is absolutely false. Airbags were designed to be used in conjunction with seatbelts to enhance crash protection for drivers and passengers. In fact, airbags can more effectively protect people who are restrained (in part because the “rebound” from hitting the airbag is limited).

Airbags can suffocate you.

Airbags deploy in milliseconds and deflate almost as quickly. Your nose and mouth are not covered by the airbag long enough to cause suffocation. And even if they were, the airbag is porous, so air can be exchanged through it.

Airbags cause more injuries; they may even be deadly.

There are cases where injuries and even death resulted from airbag deployment. However, the majority of those cases involved people for whom airbags were not designed—usually small children and/or infants in a car seat that should have been rear-facing but wasn’t. When passengers of appropriate size occupy seats protected by airbags, the airbag increases crash protection.

However, you should be aware that hitting an airbag will likely result in some minor injuries, most commonly bruises, shallow cuts, possibly a broken nose. But these injuries are significantly less severe than those sustained by drivers and passengers who experience direct contact with the steering wheel and/or dash.

Airbags are easy to reset.

Never. Ever. Attempt to reset your own airbag. There are strict specifications that must be met in order for your airbag to successfully deploy in a future crash. You do not want to take chances with your safety just to save a few bucks.

We hope that you never need your airbag. But to be sure that it will work if/when you need it, Quanz Auto Body is happy to perform an airbag inspection. Of course, resetting your airbag properly is part of the quality collision repairs we offer. For more information or to schedule service, contact us or visit one of our three locations.