Airbag Repair Information: What You Need to Know

umUh-oh! You have been in a small fender bender and your airbag deployed. Or, it could be that your airbag light has come on and not gone back off. Airbag repairs don’t have to be a nightmare. In fact, a mechanic can do them rather quickly.


Your airbags are a necessary safety measure that shouldn’t be overlooked. At Quanz Auto Body, in Albuquerque, NM, our knowledgeable staff can repair your airbag and have you back on the road in no time.

Airbag Components

There are several components to the airbag system, aside from the airbag itself. Each may need to be repaired after deployment of the airbag. The airbag sensors and control unit may have to be replaced. If the airbag had damage, it may also have to be replaced.

  • Sensors

The sensors measure the impact of a crash, and indicate the severity. Then they decide whether to fill the bag with nitrogen, thus deploying the airbag. The front sensor can be found under the hood of the car, on the core support (the hood latch). This sensor tells the driver’s airbag when to deploy. The sensor for the passenger side airbag can be found on the buckle side of the seat belt in most vehicles.

  • Control Unit

The control unit is normally located behind and below the radio, right by the wiring harness. To prevent damage to your console, it is essential to have an experienced technician assist you in finding the airbag control unit.

  • Light Reset

Specific reset codes are created by the manufacturer for your vehicle. These special codes are required to reset the dashboard light. The light must be reset after deployment. A diagnostic code scanner will need to be connected to the terminal located under the steering wheel, near the fuse box. The only way to reset the light is with this device using the manufacturer codes.


It is important to keep your airbags in working order. If they have been deployed as the result of an accident, have them serviced or replaced right away. If your airbag light is on and needs to be reset, make sure to get your airbag system inspected to ensure that it is operating correctly. Airbags are an extremely effective safety measure, designed to protect you and your passengers.


Maintaining them is as necessary as performing other maintenance on your vehicle. At Quanz Auto Body, we can repair all types of airbags and can help you keep your vehicle in top working order.