Car Frame Repair – Don’t Trash Your Car Yet!

You were in a car accident and now you have a bent car frame. We often hear from customers who think this means a) The car is not worth repairing, b) The car will never handle right again, or c) All of the above.

Car frame repair is admittedly a costly repair, but it doesn’t mean you should automatically trash your vehicle. Though it is expensive to replace a full frame, you should also consider how new your vehicle is. New models carry a higher value, so it is probably worth repairing car frame damage.

Restore your Car to its Previous Condition

Frame straightening is your best shot at restoring your car to the condition it was in prior to your accident. Bringing a metal frame back into alignment is no easy task, but technology is allowing us to make more precise repairs than ever before.

Frame Repair Then

In the old days, car frame damage could permanently hurt your car’s performance. Using rulers and the naked eye, repairing a car frame was less-than-scientific. Even a small irregularity in the frame can hurt your car’s performance.

That was before computer diagnostics were used to determine the extent of the damage, and to pinpoint where repairs need to be made.

Frame Repair Now

Today, computer diagnostics can align a damaged car down to the millimeter. At Quanz Advanced Auto Body, we use Chief Velocity Laser Measuring system. The precision of this system allows us to pinpoint exactly where adjustments need to be made. Some of the adjustments are too small for the naked eye to catch, but with the help of Chief, we can fix these tiny imperfections.

In many cases, the cost of frame damage repair is lower than the value of your car. That means its worth fixing, and less expensive than taking on a new car payment.

Your average repair shop won’t have the Chief measuring system. It’s an expensive piece of equipment, so we understand why they might be a little behind on car frame alignment technology.

Take your car to Quanz for car frame damage repair. You’ll know your car is being looked at by our ASE-certified technicians, backed by a computerized frame alignment system that will give you precision car frame repair. The old yardstick isn’t going to cut it—you need computer diagnostics to get the repair right.