Why You Should Always Use a Professional Collision Repair Shop

There are some things you can DIY with no problems—car washes, repainting interior walls, moving your own furniture. But there are some things you should never attempt to do yourself or allow an uncredentialled “professional” to handle—like collision repair.

No matter how minor the damage may seem, you should always go to a reputable collision repair shop like Quanz Auto Body to avoid risks like:

Unrepaired frame alignment

If the frame of your vehicle is even a fraction of an inch off of manufacturer specifications, it’s a serious problem. Frame misalignment can contribute to excessive wear on parts and compromise your vehicle’s crash protection. But frame alignment is typically not something you can see with the naked eye, and it’s not something that DIY mechanics have the equipment to fix.

For frame alignment, Quanz Auto Body uses the Chief system to precisely measure and restore vehicle alignment.

Repairs done with salvaged auto parts

There’s a difference between OEM and aftermarket parts and reconditioned and salvaged parts. With salvaged parts, especially body panels, there’s no guarantee about the integrity of the part. There’s no way to know if the part was from a vehicle that sustained collision damage, weather-related damage or something else. But they’re cheap. DIY repairers or the guy who does auto body collision on the side may use these to minimize costs.

Paint mismatch

Paint matching is an art and a science. At Quanz Auto Body, we have a computer to match paint codes, and even then, when applied to different material types on the same car can create a different sheen that looks like a mismatch. Imagine the disaster that comes from eyeballing a color match! You’re likely going to be driving an obviously two-toned vehicle if you don’t go to a reputable shop.

No warranty coverage

After your safety, the biggest reason to invest in professional auto body repairs is for your peace of mind. Reputable repair shops invest in the equipment, technician training and industry certifications it takes to do the job right. And because their reputation is staked on the quality of their work, they’ll make it right if you have any problems following their repair work. Quanz Auto Body, for example, backs our collision repairs with a lifetime warranty on our workmanship on top of manufacturer’s material warranties!

What you think you might save with DIY auto body repairs or entrusting a friend of a friend to do the job will cost you in your safety and peace of mind. Get better repair quality and assurance from the professionals at Quanz Auto Body.