Anti-Lock Brakes and You

We’ve all been there. It’s wet or icy and we’re on the road yet again. All of a sudden we have to stop our vehicle to avoid hitting a car or something else in front of us. We feel the car start to slide and experience a tinge of fear. We’re skidding, and we don’t want to lose control of our vehicle.


When the wheels of a vehicle lose traction and start skidding, a car or truck can slide all over the road. Accidents may occur because the vehicle cannot be stopped in time. Modern anti-lock brakes, however, make it much easier to stop the car or truck, making it safer to drive in adverse conditions.

What Are Anti-Lock Brakes?

Anti-lock brakes are designed to keep a wheel from skidding when a vehicle is slowing down. These brakes include special sensors in the wheels that can detect when they are decelerating more quickly than they should.

Based on the sensors’ information, a controller in the brake system adjusts the pressure in the braking system so that the tire does not change speed relative to the speed of the car. This helps the car maintain traction and avoid skidding and sliding.

Anti-Lock Brake Maintenance

Since anti-lock brakes can help you avoid accidents, it’s imperative that you maintain them well. Simple things such as replacing the brake fluid as often as the manufacturer suggests go a long way to keeping your brakes in working order.

Regular brake maintenance by professionals is also important. Your brakes’ sensors may need to be periodically reset, pads and shoes may need replacement and so on.

Quanz Auto Body is your one-stop solution for all your brake maintenance needs. Come in today for a brake check and maintenance that will keep your anti-lock brakes working properly under all conditions.