When April Fool’s Pranks Go Too Far

It’s the day of the year set aside for pranks and, for some people, it’s a time-honored tradition to pull a joke. Everyone loves a good laugh, but there’s just something about April Fool’s Day that encourages going the extra mile. This can result in a prank going too far, resulting in injury or damage.


Cars are especially vulnerable as prank targets because they’re unattended for large periods of time and a prank can be set up in advance. How do you keep your car from being the victim of an April Fool’s Day prank?

Protect Your Car

An unattended car in a driveway or parking lot is a victim waiting to happen when it comes to April Fool’s Day pranks. You can’t be with your car for the entire day, so try these tips for keeping your vehicle safe from pranksters.

  • If a garage is available, use it! One of the best ways to protect your car is to make it inaccessible. A locked garage keeps away people who might find it amusing to potato a tailpipe or get creative with shaving cream.
  • Not everyone has a garage they can use for their vehicle. Choose your parking location carefully. If possible, put it behind your house, but at the very least, park it off of the street.
  • Use a car cover. Pranksters are searching for an easy target, and if your car is covered with a canvas tarp or one of the available locking covers, that reduces the chances of someone taking the time to wrestle it off.
  • Lighting is your friend when it comes to protecting your car. Choose a well-lit location for parking, and if you have a private home, turn on all outdoor lights. Pranksters who are looking to strike at night will avoid well-lit vehicles.
  • Before times when pranking is likely- April Fool’s Day, Halloween or during local sporting events- apply a fresh coat of wax. Many substances used for pranking will wash right off, and the wax will ensure the integrity of your paint.

If you’ve taken steps and you’re still the victim of a prank, wash your car immediately. Use a wax cleaner to break up anything that’s dried on your car’s surface. If the clear coat hasn’t been compromised, you should be able to clean away the offending substance, including some types of paint.

Most pranks aren’t intentionally harmful. They’re meant to cause a good laugh, and so substances used tend to be easily cleaned. Take note of whatever you find on your car just in case there is damage to the paint job. Some insurance policies will cover damage done by pranksters, so check your insurance coverage well before days pranking is likely to occur.