What does it mean to be ASE certified?

Getting work done on your car can be scary. It’s hard to know, if you can’t do the work yourself (and who can these days with all the computerized technology that goes into them?), who’s going to do a good job?

It would be easy if the big chains could be trusted to be experts, but the online reviews usually tell you otherwise. And sometimes those places with the really amazing deals for oil changes can’t do much else, including giving you good advice about how to take care of your car. So, how do you know where to go?

Professional Recognition

The problem of finding a good maintenance shop isn’t a new one. And actually, it isn’t unique to car owners looking to maintain their vehicle. Shop owners have a hard time knowing which technicians really know their stuff before they get under your hood. That’s where professional organizations like the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) help.

ASE has a certification system that verifies an automotive technician’s knowledge and skill. To become ASE-certified, a technician must pass a test in each specialty that they want to be certified in. And these tests are really challenging—only 67% of technicians pass them the first time. After passing the exam, a technician has to provide proof of 2 years of relevant job experience—then the technician is ASE-certified. This certification is recognized everywhere in the US (and other countries, too) as THE automotive technician qualification to have.

What Does ASE-Certified Mean to You?

For even routine maintenance, to make sure your car is in good hands, look for a shop whose technicians are ASE-certified. When your car is being maintained by an ASE-certified technician, you have the peace of mind that your technician knows what’s right for your make and model.

Quanz Advanced Auto Body has 6 full-time ASE-certified technicians. We will properly maintain your car and educate you on how to keep it in peak running condition.

There’s no reason to be scared when looking for a new service shop. Quanz has the technicians with the blue seal of approval!