ASE Certified. That Means…?

Most of us aren’t up to date with the latest certifications that mean a technician has gone through training and tested. The acronyms show up in different locations, but unless you know what they mean, they’re just decoration. Created by the non-profit National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence—hence the acronym ASE—this certification is a mark that the technician who has earned it knows exactly what they’re doing.

Rigorous Testing

Starting with at least two years of experience in the automotive field, a technician must pass a certification exam for each specialty they’re working in. It’s not enough to know brakes inside and out if you’re going for a specialty certification in electrical systems. Only 67% of technicians pass the exam the first time; it’s designed to weed out people who don’t have a solid expertise in their field.

Not only does this test the technician’s knowledge of their field, it also utilizes the most recent information relevant to that field. The technician taking the exam must be up to date on new technology and how it applies to their specialty. To maintain their ASE certified status, technicians must retest every five years. Technology advances and methods of repair change. An ASE certified technician keeps up.

Quality Repairs

A shop that employs ASE certified technicians has expertise immediately available. Years of combined experience allows ASE certified technicians to find the problem in your car, come up with the best repair solution and apply it.

ASE certification is a guarantee that your car will be handled by people who have training and experience. Backed by examination from a national, non-profit organization that has been in service since 1972, these technicians are the best you’ll find. Quanz Auto Body has 6 full-time ASE certified technicians for that reason. It’s a mark of quality, and that’s all we offer!