August is…Motorsports Awareness Month!

Summertime is the perfect season to take your family and friends to see a race or gather together to watch one on the television. And there’s no time like NOW to introduce your family to the exciting world of motorsports!

What is a Motorsport?

As the name implies, motorsports involve motors and sports—competitively racing vehicles. But it’s not just cars…motorsports goes way beyond auto racing and includes:

    • Motocross (dirt bike racing)
    • Air racing
    • Hovercraft racing
    • Snowmobile racing
    • (Monster) Truck racing

Within each category, there can be a great deal of variation. For example, under the umbrella of auto racing you have drag racing, asphalt racing, dirt racing, NASCAR, IndyCar. Races can vary by length and other regulations, like car length or build, may be set to change the parameters of the competition.

But no matter the vehicle or the racing set up, motorsports are extremely fun to watch! (yet, admittedly, dangerous to perform.) Understanding the “rules of the game” and the traditions enhances the enjoyment of motorsports because you appreciate the skill and athleticism it takes to make it to the finish line!

NAPA Speedway Ticket Giveaway

We know it’s hard to break out of a box and try new things. But we’re so convinced that motorsports is a new “thing” worth trying, so we’re making breaking out of the Saturday-is-for-yard-work routine easy…we’re giving away FREE tickets to NAPA Speedway!

Here’s how you get free tickets:

  1. Every Monday, we post a NAPA Speedway Ticket Giveaway Keyword on our Facebook page (check it out:…we post lots of cool stuff there!).
  2. On Wednesday, the first 2 people that come to Quanz with the keyword get 2 FREE tickets!

Really, it’s that easy. We don’t require an appointment, you’re not obligated to service…we just want you to have fun (and see our amazing auto body collision and maintenance facility). Stop in and see us!