5 Signs You Need Auto Body Painting

  1. Peeling Clear Coat

All vehicles receive clear coats during the manufacturing process. The clear coat protects the paint job below, but it can wear down over time. As the clear coat wears, your vehicle paint is more vulnerable to common defects, whether caused by weather exposure or other types of damage. Clear coat issues can be identified by bubbling and discoloration.

  1. Rust

While rust isn’t as much of an issue in the dry New Mexico climate, it can still occur if your vehicle is regularly exposed to moisture. Rust will spread from one area to another and may even compromise the vehicle frame if it spreads to the undercarriage. Part of the re-painting process involves removing rust, which prevents it from getting worse.

  1. Accident Damage

In addition to dents and dings, accidents can also ruin your paint job. Fortunately, a quality body shop can repair both types of damage at the same time for a fully restored vehicle. Many shops also use advanced paint-matching services, which ensures the new coat matches the rest of your vehicle.

  1. Scratches

In addition to car crashes, paint can also be damaged by fender benders, vandalism, and other occurrences. Even if the damage is minor, having it repaired ensures your car will continue to look its best.

  1. Fading

Continued sun exposure will also have a negative impact on paint. Fading spots signal that the clear coat has been compromised, which means the paint is also susceptible to sun damage. Fading paint will only get worse over time, but a new coat can bring your vehicle back to life. It also helps to park your vehicle in a covered space or garage whenever possible.

Here at Quanz Auto Body, we use precision paint-matching technology to restore the look and luster of your vehicle after an accident. We also offer paintless dent repair for more minor damage, which ensures fast and efficient service for your vehicle.

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