How To Find an Auto Body Repair Shop After an Accident

If you wereinvolved in a car accident, you know you can count on your insurance company tocover the cost of repairs. However, what you don’t know is whether or not theAlbuquerque repair shop you choose has your best interests in mind or theinsurer’s. Some auto body repair shops truly do want to restore the value ofyour vehicle, while others, unfortunately, try to downplay claims, minimizerepair costs, use cheap parts and even fail to fully repair issues. Though youmay think you’re getting a good deal, the truth is that these practices cansignificantly degrade the value or your vehicle, or worse — put you in danger.You can avoid falling victim to shady repair shops by knowing how to look forreputable repair shops.

Shop Around for Estimates

One of the bestways to find a reputable auto body shop in Albuquerque is to gather quotes fromseveral different companies. Though you don’t want to base your decision onprice alone, you can use each estimate to gauge what is and is not a fairprice. If a shop’s estimate is way higher than two or three others, you caneliminate that one without hesitation. The same goes if a shop’s quote is farlower than the others. If any shop’s estimate comes in way over or undercompetitors’, it may mean that it either added unnecessary work or skipped overa lot of important items.

In addition tocomparing prices, you should also compare the thoroughness of each estimate.Ideally, you should get an itemized quote from each shop that details both thework needed and the estimated cost.

Ask the Right Questions

Though cost is amajor factor in choosing the right auto body repair shop in Albuquerque, youdon’t want to go into the process with your pocketbook open. Be smart and askall the right questions. Does the shop offer a warranty? If so, what does thewarranty cover and how long does it last? Does the warranty have so manyrestrictions as to render it useless? While you shouldn’t accept anything lessthan a one-year warranty, you want to be wary of lifetime warranties, as theseare unrealistic.

You should alsoask about the materials the shop intents to use. Will it repair your vehiclewith new, used or aftermarket parts? If cost is an issue, it’s okay to go withused, but just be aware that used parts will fail quicker and usually don’toffer that great of savings. Though many people prefer factory parts,aftermarket parts often offer as great of value for less.

Gather Referrals

Any business canpay for newspapers, billboards and websites to say kind words about it, but you’llget the most accurate picture of a business from previous customers. Ask yourfriends, family and acquaintances about who they recommend. The shops theyrecommend may not the most well-known, but chances are they offer the bestservice at the fairest prices.

Trust Your Gut

Finally, trustyour gut. If a shop offers extremely low prices but doesn’t have a lot ofbusiness, it’s likely because it performs shoddy repairs. Likewise, if a placeis dirty, disorganized and/or run by crash or even rude mechanics, it may be areflection of the type of work you can expect from the company. Not only shouldyou feel comfortable with the quoted cost of repairs but also, you should feelcomfortable with the actual people working on your vehicle.

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