Auto Glass Repair Albuquerque

Unlike your windshield glass—which is laminated—the rest of your window glass auto parts are tempered. Because of the way tempered glass shatters, if your car’s side and back glass is damaged, you have to replace it.

Our Services

At Quanz Auto Body, we have 6 full-time ASE certified technicians with the training and experience necessary to safely replace your window glass auto parts. Our services include:

Our experienced technicians will utilize the highest quality new and aftermarket car window replacement parts to ensure that your auto glass repair is performed safely and effectively.

At Quanz Auto Body, we repair and replace auto glass that has been chipped, scratched, or broken as a result of:


Our experienced technicians will safely restore your vehicle to its original condition, providing you with a sturdy layer of safety glass to protect you from the open road and maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle.

It happens far too frequently—especially in Albuquerque: your windows have been smashed by a vandal or your car has been broken into by a thief. At Quanz Auto Body, we will work with your insurance company to restore your auto glass to its pristine condition!

Our technicians will also customize your auto glass to your unique style: if a tinted window would pull together your vehicle’s look, we will tint your windows as we repair and replace your auto glass.

We Provide Car Window Repair Estimates

At Quanz Auto Body, we work directly with your insurance company to arrange your Albuquerque auto glass repairs! We provide free car window repair estimates so that you can budget your repairs! Contact us for superior auto glass repair that you can trust!

Our Reputation is Your Best Guarantee!

Call Quanz Auto Body at (505) 897-1949 for car window repair estimates, power window problems car repairs, and car window replacement parts!