Auto painting trends

Auto body paint is really part of the fashion industry. It goes through fads and seasonal trends. This fall, here’s what you’re likely to see on the runway, we mean road way:

Matte Finishes

Who doesn’t want a car that looks like the Batmobile? Well, matte finishes get you a little bit closer. These popular finishes provide an all-over smooth, flat look…no shine, no gloss. Just know if you want to explore this car look, it requires some special upkeep. You need to use products formulated specifically for matte finishes (please, oh, please do not use regular Turtle Wax® on a matte finish!).

Mirage Color-Shifting Paint

Why settle for one color when you can make your car look multi-colored? This is a unique style of painting creates a multi-colored effect based on how the light hits it. From one angle, your car may appear a vibrant blue…take a few steps in any direction and (holy moley!) now your car’s candy-apple red!

Pearlescent or Metal Flake

These two auto painting trends provide a sophisticated look for your car. Metallic paint uses small metal flakes of aluminum, giving the car an obvious sparkle. Pearlescent paint, on the other hand, uses small flakes of mica to create a subtler sheen that appears to change depending on the way light hits it.