Autobody Paint: What Is Paint Blending?

Paint blending. It sounds pretty straight forward, doesn’t it? You take two or more colors and then you swirl them around in a bucket to make one color, right? Not exactly. When it comes to the automotive painting process, paint blending looks a little different.

Automotive Paint Blending, Briefly Defined

Automotive paint blending refers to the process of transitioning the new base coat being sprayed onto the repair area to the existing paint. The purpose of blending paint is to ensure the closest match possible. By blending the old with the new, an autobody repair professional can trick the eye into being unable to discern where the old paint ends, and the new paint begins. Though the new color is not a perfect match with the old, blending creates the illusion that it is.

What Is the Purpose of Paint Blending?

Automotive paint is extremely difficult to match. In fact, most auto body painters are unable to match two colors perfectly. Even if you were to use the same paint color from the original batch, temperature, gun settings and humidity, chances are high that the end result would look different than the original. This is why most shops have done away with panel painting and instead just use the blending technique.

Is Blending a Shortcut?

You may have heard a few critics say that paint blending is a shortcut. This is far from the case. Paint blending actually requires more time and resources than panel painting, especially because many times auto body painters have to transition paint onto adjoining panels. Despite the need for more resources, however, most insurers provide little time for the blending process, forcing professionals to perform all the steps of complete panel painting and then some in half the time.

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