Automotive Paint Colors: What Affects Color Match?

AutomotivePaint Colors: What Affects Color Match?

Whether you wereinvolved in a car accident or your vehicle simply boasts a considerable amountof wear, you may be interested in a new paint job or even just a touchup. Whileyou might think that painting a vehicle is easy, it’s actually quite difficult,as matching the new color to the original one is a difficult task. It’s sodifficult, in fact, that even the manufacturer may produce two of the samevehicles in the “same color” that appear very different in tint. Thisis due to several factors, which you can learn about below. 

The Componentsof Vehicle Paint

Before you canunderstand what affects color match, you should first know what vehicle paintis made of. Automotive paint is comprised of three main ingredients:

  • Pigment:Pigment comes in a powderform that looks similar to concrete. There are approximately 100 differentautomotive pigments or toners one can use, including those in metallic andpearl shades.
  • Resin:Resin plays several keyroles. Resin determines a paint’s durability, provides adhesion to thevehicle’s surface and holds together the pigment in suspension.
  • Solvent:Solvent is what makes itpossible to transfer the otherwise thick paint from container to container, andfrom container to vehicle.

It’s important tounderstand what goes into the actual paint for one main reason: Automotive paintmanufacturers are allowed a tolerance leeway of plus or minus 5% in paintcolor. This leeway often results in two vehicles — which are supposedly the“same color” — to look drastically different in hue.

Other FactorsThat Affect Paint Color

Though thegreatest variable affecting automotive color match is the 5% leeway, otherfactors contribute to same-yet-different paint colors. For instance, thetemperature when painting, time between coats, thickness of paint film, speedof application, mode of application, surface type and humidity can allcontribute to differences in automotive paint hues.

If you want torestore your vehicle’s paint job with an exact match, work with a professionalauto body shop in Albuquerque that has the experience, technology andtechniques necessary to create an exact match. Contact Quanz Auto Body today.