Automotive Technology Trends for 2020

Auto trends are constantly evolving, much to the delight of drivers. Many of the recent trends have been focused on convenience by way of technological advances, which seem to be impacting every aspect of vehicles. While the following trends are still in the process of being fully realized, they do hold exciting promise for the future of driving.

Level 4 Autonomy

While full vehicle autonomy is still ways off, more and more manufacturers are getting closer to the necessary advancements to make it a reality. While many vehicles feature some level of automation, Level 4 autonomy entails a vehicle equipped to handle most driving situations without human operation (although that will most likely remain an option in these vehicles). To get to Level 4, a range of testing procedures must be undertaken, which ensures people feel safe and secure traveling in fully autonomous vehicles.

Constant Connectivity

Smart devices aren’t just relegated to the home. More and more new vehicles are showing connectivity applications, which allow drivers to link up numerous devices to the vehicle itself. In-vehicle Wi-Fi is also becoming more common with each new iteration of cars and trucks released on the market. When eventually paired with fully autonomous vehicles, enhanced connectivity will render your daily commuter into a moving office or entertainment center.

Vehicle Subscriptions

While a subscription service model isn’t new in the world of commerce, it certainly is a novel way to approach vehicle ownership. Vehicle subscriptions provide access to the car or truck of your choice for a flat monthly fee. In many cases, these fees also including costs related to insurance and vehicle maintenance. Vehicle subscriptions may provide access to luxury brands that would otherwise be unattainable to drivers.

Remote Auto Care

That pesky check engine light warrants a trip to the mechanic, but this might not be the case in the near future. Remote access to vehicles is a definite possibility, which will allow drivers to receive insight about issues and warnings without ever leaving their driveway. Remote updates are another distinct possibility, and these updates could be used to easily provide drivers essential information on safety issues or recalls.

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