The Latest in Autonomous Vehicle Technology

There’s a race on among auto manufacturers as they attempt to take the lead in autonomous vehicle manufacturing.  While many amazing advances have been made in recent years, we’re still far away from a truly self-driving vehicle, one that requires no driver intervention. However, the following emerging technologies bring us a little closer.

Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)

LIDAR uses pulsed laser light to create a 3D map of the terrain surrounding the vehicle. With mechanical scanning, lasers are rotated mechanically in conjunction with mirrors, which aim the laser in the appropriate direction. There is also flash LIDARs, and this tech uses a diffused laser that flashes on the terrain and reflects light back to a grid. The major drawback to LIDAR technology is the cost, but prices are gradually becoming more reasonable, meaning it could be in reach of the average consumer very soon.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)

In order for a vehicle to be automated, it must be capable of tracking location along with continuously mapping its environment. SLAM is an algorithm that utilizes sensor fusion to extract multiple data sets from various sensors to think its way through the process.  As a result, SLAM systems learn while they go, making it an impressive example of artificial intelligence.

Distributed and Centralized Architecture

It’s not enough for an autonomous vehicle just to think. It must also take data gained from different sensors and apply to vehicle operation. This requires an electronic architecture, which can be distributed or centralized. With distributed architecture, processing occurs within each sensor, and once processed commands are sent to different components of the vehicle. Centralized architecture, data is sent to a control point, from which commands are sent out. It’s also possible to combine different elements of both types of architecture, which is referred to as a hybrid system.

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