Helpful Tips to Avoid Auto Collisions This Holiday Season

The holidays are filled with fun festivities and time spent with the people you love most. However, they also carry a greater risk of car accidents based on many different factors. Accordingly, it’s up to every motorist to operate their vehicles safely and securely, which can lower the chance that you’ll be involved in a crash.

Never Drink and Drive

Many holiday parties and gatherings involve alcohol. If you’re going out and know you will be drinking, make sure you have a safe way home. Ride shares are perfect this time of year, as they are convenient and affordable. You can also designate a sober driver or make arrangements to stay over at the party location until morning. Having a plan in place before heading out ensures you and others will remain safe.

Eliminate All Distractions

The holiday season is packed full of work obligations, school events, gatherings with loved ones, and many other tasks. As a result, you might feel the need to do quite a bit of texting while driving behind the wheel as you coordinate these different activities. Regardless of your abilities or how many years you’ve been driving, texting behind the wheel is a dangerous practice that must be avoided at all times. You should also work to eliminate other distractions, such as eating while driving, talking with passengers, or adjusting your GPS.

Be Courteous Towards Other Drivers

In keeping with the spirit of the season, be kind, courteous, and respectful to others you encounter on the road. Lots of people are stressed this time of the year, which can manifest in road rage and other problematic behaviors. Keeping your cool is not only the right thing to do, it can also help you avoid a potentially harrowing incident. People make mistakes, including even the most responsible drivers, so try to remain patient and kind when navigating the roads.

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