Back to School – How to Prepare Your Teenager’s First Car

As a parent, you have the responsibility of setting a good example for your child. If your teenager is finally ready to get behind the wheel of their first car, you will need to make a few preparations. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind.


Get a Tune-Up

Before handing over the keys, you must first get a thorough tune-up. Allowing a teenager to drive a poorly-maintained vehicle is a recipe for disaster. At the very least, start by replacing worn spark plugs, installing new filters, and testing the battery. To ensure that your child remains safe at all times, the technicians will also inspect the braking system and take an overall look at the car to identify potential problem areas.

Teach Good Auto Maintenance Habits

Unsurprisingly, some youngsters tend to ignore car maintenance. As you may already know, neglected vehicles will spend a lot of unnecessary time in the repair shop. Make it a priority to teach your teen the importance of taking care of their ride. Things such as tire pressure and the oil level need to be checked on a regular basis. Good maintenance habits will stay with them for a lifetime.

Drive Carefully

Not only is aggressive driving dangerous, but it also places a lot of extra stress on the vehicle. When approaching speed bumps and railroad crossing, your child needs to drive very carefully. This will help the vehicle to last for a long time.

If your teen is getting their first car for the new school year, bring it into Quanz Auto Body for a thorough once-over to be sure you’re getting off to the right start!