Happy Balloon Fiesta!

October is upon us! Albuquerque locals know that this is the month when the skies light up with color and activity, as we show the world the best that our city has to offer. This year’s event occurs between Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 9.

Albuquerque has been an excellent showcase for balloon aviation since 1972 when local radio personality Dick McKee used a hot air balloon as part of KOB Radio’s 50th birthday party. Today, we host the world’s largest annual ballooning event. As a local, you get to participate in the fun and enjoy the show. There is nothing quite like an early morning launch and landing.

What We Like

There is so much to see at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival that it is hard to pick favorites. On any given festival day, you can join the up to 100,000 people who watch as many as 600 balloons launch; at the Mass Ascensions, the sky fills as all the balloons take to the air at once. If you like the night life, crawl out of bed a bit early, and catch one of the Dawn Patrol launches that happens daily. The Special Shape Rodeo is also a must-see; those who’ve only viewed these quirky character balloons on the ground can’t miss the special flights dedicated to all things off the wall. Locals can also take in one of the five AfterGlow Fireworks shows held on selected evenings. For more information, visit www.balloonfiesta.com

Safety First!

We know that it’s hard to keep your eyes off the Albuquerque sky when the balloons are out. While the sheer number of visitors brings an electrical excitement to our often quiet city, the festival also comes with a lot of traffic, so be careful as you enjoy the events. Watch for other drivers who may be distracted and exercise caution as you travel to all the venues. If you do see balloons that you just have to watch, pull over to the side of the road to avoid driving while distracted. We know it’s hard to keep your eyes off the Albuquerque skies during this exciting week. Let’s keep the roads safe for not only locals, but all our guests as well.