Before Your Next Road Trip…

200361156-001Nothing ruins a planned vacation quite like a car breaking down in the middle of your trip. Walking a few miles to the next rest station or calling for help with your cell phone may not take much time out of your vacation, but the repairs to your car could well stop the trip before it even starts. Make sure your car is as summer-ready as you are with a tune-up!

Why Get a Tune Up?

The more you drive your car, the more wear and tear you put on the pieces that make it work. Without regular maintenance, normal wear leads to expensive replacements and even needing to replace your entire car. A tune up lets a professional mechanic look over your car and find these areas before they reach the end of their life.

Avoiding costly repairs is one thing. What about improving your car’s performance? Regular fluid checks, tight belts and functional brake systems all reduce the stress on the rest of your car’s systems. A tune up addresses all of these areas. Fluids are measured and replaced, belts are tested and your brake system is examined to ensure pads and drums are in working order and aren’t borderline dangerous.

What It’ll Save You

A properly tuned car has better gas mileage. Are you taking a lengthy road trip? If your car’s had a tune up before you head out on the road, it’ll use the gas more efficiently. Less gas wasted, less gas you have to pay for.

By having your car tuned before you head out, you’ll also save yourself time and aggravation. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than a broken timing belt leaving you stranded! Let a Quanz professional give your car the tune-up it needs and enjoy your summer road trip worry-free.