Better Team Member Experience in Albuquerque, New Mexico

As a business, Quanz Auto Body serves two types of customers:

  1. Our customers for whom we provide better collision repair
  2. Our customers who deliver better collision repair—our team members

We pride ourselves on caring for our team members because when they are happy, you get a better customer experience.

Why It’s Important to Have Happy Team Members

When someone loves their job, it shows. They take pride in their work; they communicate clearly with customers and co-workers; they take responsibility for making things better. Since our mission is to make things better, we need people who love their jobs. So we work hard to create a work environment and offer the benefits that make team members happy to come to Quanz Auto Body every day (Monday through Friday) to serve you.

How We Make Our Team Members Happy

Quanz Auto Body team members enjoy many of the “standard” benefits of employment, such as:

  • Competitive pay
  • Medical and dental insurance coverage
  • Retirement savings and 401K matching
  • Paid vacation

But since our mission is to make things better, we do not settle for providing a standard benefits package. At Quanz Auto Body, we go above and beyond to make our team members happy by providing:

  • Bonuses for birthdays, Christmas and work anniversaries
  • Free (mostly healthy) snacks everyday
  • Free on-site chair massages once a month
  • Free company lunches once a month
  • Free nutritionist consultation
  • Free gym membership
  • Emotional and spiritual care from a company chaplain
  • Discounts on parts and repairs on their personal vehicles

Our team members also have the opportunity to get free food through our community garden, orchard, free-range chicken farm and grass-fed beef ranch. The community garden also provide the opportunity for our happy team members to give back by providing the volunteer labor it takes to grow and harvest fresh produce.

Our Team Members Are Happy to Help You

We take care of our team members so that they have everything they need to take care of you. Contact us to schedule an estimate or mechanical service.

Our happy team members are happy to provide better service.
Call Quanz Auto Body for better auto repairs.
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Making Car Repairs Better.