A Spooktacular Car Story for Halloween

It was October 30th, the night before Halloween. Mark was driving home from visiting his girlfriend, and he decided to take the back roads. His dad let him drive his 1975 Chevy, and he told him to always stay off the highways. Drivers these days went far too fast, and an old car like that couldn’t keep up. Mark laughed to himself, thinking about how foolish that was. Still, he listened to his dad and went home on the country roads.

As he turned down Stone Marsh Road, he noticed some lights coming up behind him in his rear-view mirror. They were flying towards him at an alarming rate. It looked like a huge truck, Mark thought. The truck was so wide it nearly took up the whole road. Before long it was roaring right up against his back bumper.

Mark was really starting to sweat now. He heard talk of some bad stuff going on in these parts around Halloween. Hillbillies did crazy things out here, his grandma always said. Was this some kind of crazy person trying to run him off the road or worse? The time of year was really getting to him, and as the black truck pressed even closer to his bumper, he turned down another side road.

Of course, the black truck kept hugging the bumper of his dad’s precious 1975 Chevy. Mark had enough and pulled over, hoping the truck would pass him. But it didn’t. It slowed to a crawl, and a woman dressed all in black emerged from the cab. She had long black hair, wore a black dress and looked like a witch. Mark slunk down in his seat, terrified. She came closer and closer to his truck and began to tap on the window.

He couldn’t take it anymore. He threw the car door open and started running in the opposite direction, and she yelled after him, “Son, your brake lights are out! I just wanted to tell you your brake lights were out so you don’t get pulled over!”