Don’t Fade Away

How to Maintain Your Car’s Paint Job

Nothing can make a car look older and in worse shape than a faded paint job. Living in Albuquerque, we’re lucky enough to have plenty of sun each year. Unfortunately it can really ruin your vehicle’s paint and decrease your vehicle’s value.

Chances are you’ve seen, or own a vehicle, with fading paint. Even if your car is brand new, its paint can be taking major damage.

There are two common causes for fading paint:

  • UV Rays: That’s right—one of the most common causes of a fading paint job is sunlight. Extreme temperatures and excessive exposure to the sun can cause major damage to your vehicle’s paint job. But that’s not the only cause of paint fade.
  • Pollutants: There are many pollutants in the air that can really damage your paint. These include pollution, road salt, insects, tree sap, and even bird droppings can all cause major problems for your vehicle’s paint.

While these are the two common culprits for a ruined paint job, all is not lost. There are many fairly simple and inexpensive care tips that can keep your car bright and shiny for years to come.

Many of these simple tips to maintain your vehicle’s paint are easy to do and just require attention and time. They include:

  • Try parking in shade whenever possible
  • Hand wash your car at least twice a week if it is exposed to lots of sunlight daily. Also, be sure your vehicle has been under shade for roughly an hour before you wash to achieve maximum effect.
  • Avoid polishes if at all possible. Their abrasive properties can remove the protective coat/sealant that can keep your paint looking fresh.
  • Wax your vehicle. Wax can build up and protect from the sun as well as help your car looking great.

These basic tips will go a long way to making sure your car is looking great, even with the quantity of sunlight we get in Albuquerque every year.

A car is a huge investment and you do your best to keep it running in peak efficiency. You’ll also want to make sure it looks its best to also help maintain its value. Besides, cruising around all summer in a great looking ride is always the best!