Car Insurance Myths and Facts

Car insurance may be one of the biggest mysteries of the modern automotive world. What is/is not covered varies with every single policy, every single driver. If you don’t do your own research, it’s easy to believe that what’s true for someone else is true for you…and that leads to a lot of myths that need to be corrected.

Myth #1: Every accident will raise your premiums.

It is actually possible to be  

Busting Airbag Myths

If you’ve never had an accident in which your airbag deployed, first, count yourself lucky. Second, be aware that you may be gullible to a number of airbag myths.
There’s a lot of urban lore surrounding the function and usefulness of airbags, like: (more…)

6 Tips for Teen Drivers

There’s more to being a good driver than the number of hours you’ve clocked behind the wheel. In fact, a lot of what it takes to be a good driver doesn’t even have to do with what you do behind the wheel, but more about the preparation you make and mindset you practice when hitting the road.

Driver’s training will teach you the rules of the road and help you develop the  

How Autonomous Cars May Change How We Drive

The tragic Uber crash on March 18th that killed a pedestrian in Arizona has slowed down the testing and development of autonomous cars. But we expect that as time passes and the investigation brings to light details about where the fault for the accident lies that autonomous driving software will improve and testing will increase.
In other words, autonomous vehicles seem an inevitability. So, how will their presence on roadways affect how we drive?  Based on what we know about  

How to Protect Your Car’s New Paint after Collision Repair

Auto body collision repair is never anyone’s first choice for exterior vehicle enhancement. But, if you’ve recently been in an accident and had auto body work done, then your car may look in (almost) new condition. So how do you keep it that way?
To maintain the integrity and luster of new paint applied during the collision repair process, here’s what we suggest…

Making Sense of Collision Repair Costs

Auto body repairs are something that you just can’t (or shouldn’t) DIY. So, you have to leave it to the professionals. But that’s inevitably expensive. What gives?
The cost of collision repairs makes sense when you know what those numbers—especially labor costs—represent. Here’s what you need to know to make sense of your estimate or final bill: (more…)

ASE Certified. That Means…?

Most of us aren’t up to date with the latest certifications that mean a technician has gone through training and tested. The acronyms show up in different locations, but unless you know what they mean, they’re just decoration. Created by the non-profit National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence—hence the acronym ASE—this certification is a mark that the technician who has earned it knows exactly what they’re doing.

Before Your Next Road Trip…

200361156-001Nothing ruins a planned vacation quite like a car breaking down in the middle of your trip. Walking a few miles to the next rest station or calling for help with your cell phone may not take much time out of your vacation, but the repairs to your car could well stop the trip before it even starts. Make sure your car is as summer-ready as you are with a tune-up!  

Some Days Are More Dangerous Than Others

Travel is always a little risky, but there are days and times when driving is statistically extremely dangerous. We hear on the news that people should be careful when heading out during the holiday season, but is that just hype? Statistics gathered since 1975 have shown definite patterns. There are some days when it’s just best to avoid unnecessary driving.

What a “Preferred Repair Shop” Really Means

If you’ve ever filed a claim with your insurance company, you know that having your car repaired after an accident isn’t always as simple as just bringing it into the shop. Insurance companies are interested in minimizing repair costs and reducing the time a car is out of commission, and they’ve developed protocols that will aid in that process. (more…)