An Inside Look at Our Eco-Friendly Paint Process

repairWhether your vehicle needed one or more new panels or one or more panels repaired because of collision damage, those panels need to be painted to restore your car to pre-accident condition (although, being the overachievers we are, we strive for like-new condition). When Quanz Auto Body performs your auto body repair, we take great care in the preparation and application of paint to achieve an exact match and flawless finish.

Preparing for Paint Application

The key to achieving a factory finish on a collision repair job is careful preparation. Before your car is ready to be sealed, colored and coated, we first: Continue reading An Inside Look at Our Eco-Friendly Paint Process

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Rotating & Balancing Your Tires

Much of your safety on the road is determined by “where the rubber meets the road.” So, for optimal safety, you need to make sure that your tires are in good condition and responsive to your steering command, and that takes a number of tire and wheel maintenance practices—wheel alignment, tire tread checks and tire rotation and balancing.

A Quick Guide to Comprehensive Wheel and Tire Maintenance

In order to make sure your car has a good grip on the driving surface and responds to steering, the wheels and the tires need to be in good health. Maintenance that keeps them in good condition include: Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Skip Rotating & Balancing Your Tires

What to Do If Your Brakes Stop Working

There are few things more important to your driving safety than your brakes. So, there are few things more frightening than finding out that your brakes do not work while you’re driving. While brake failure will almost inevitably lead to some type of accident damage, you can increase the likelihood that you can walk away and that your car can be restored by knowing what to do.

Once you recognize that your brakes are not responding, your priority is to safely exit traffic and come to a stop. To help you do so: Continue reading What to Do If Your Brakes Stop Working

A Look Under the Hood: What’s Draining Your Battery Power

mechanicalWhile gas makes your car go, it’s electrical, not combustion-generated, energy that powers all the electronics in your car (and starts the combustion cycle). To power them up and keep them running, your vehicle relies on two main components—the battery and the alternator. If you’re having electrical issues, either component could be at fault. But, there are some easy diagnostics you can run in the driver’s seat to determine if it’s time to charge or replace your battery or troubleshoot the alternator.

Understanding Your Vehicle’s Electricity-Generating System

There’s a simple reason your vehicle needs both a battery and an alternator to power your electrical systems Continue reading A Look Under the Hood: What’s Draining Your Battery Power

Car Insurance Myths and Facts

Car insurance may be one of the biggest mysteries of the modern automotive world. What is/is not covered varies with every single policy, every single driver. If you don’t do your own research, it’s easy to believe that what’s true for someone else is true for you…and that leads to a lot of myths that need to be corrected.

Myth #1: Every accident will raise your premiums.

It is actually possible to be in a car accident, get damage repaired and Continue reading Car Insurance Myths and Facts

6 Tips for Teen Drivers

There’s more to being a good driver than the number of hours you’ve clocked behind the wheel. In fact, a lot of what it takes to be a good driver doesn’t even have to do with what you do behind the wheel, but more about the preparation you make and mindset you practice when hitting the road.

Driver’s training will teach you the rules of the road and help you develop the skills you need to operate a vehicle. But we’ve compiled some tips that will help make you a driver that enhances safety for everyone on the road.

3 Tips to Form Good Driving Habits Now

Local and national campaigns and personal experience tell you what not to do when you’re driving. So, being a good driver means creating and strengthening driving habits that help you avoid distractions and accidents, such as: Continue reading 6 Tips for Teen Drivers

How Autonomous Cars May Change How We Drive

The tragic Uber crash on March 18th that killed a pedestrian in Arizona has slowed down the testing and development of autonomous cars. But we expect that as time passes and the investigation brings to light details about where the fault for the accident lies that autonomous driving software will improve and testing will increase.
In other words, autonomous vehicles seem an inevitability. So, how will their presence on roadways affect how we drive?  Based on what we know about Albuquerque drivers, here’s what we expect to see when autonomous cars reach New Mexico roadways. Continue reading How Autonomous Cars May Change How We Drive

How to Protect Your Car’s New Paint after Collision Repair

Auto body collision repair is never anyone’s first choice for exterior vehicle enhancement. But, if you’ve recently been in an accident and had auto body work done, then your car may look in (almost) new condition. So how do you keep it that way?
To maintain the integrity and luster of new paint applied during the collision repair process, here’s what we suggest… Continue reading How to Protect Your Car’s New Paint after Collision Repair

Making Sense of Collision Repair Costs

Auto body repairs are something that you just can’t (or shouldn’t) DIY. So, you have to leave it to the professionals. But that’s inevitably expensive. What gives?
The cost of collision repairs makes sense when you know what those numbers—especially labor costs—represent. Here’s what you need to know to make sense of your estimate or final bill: Continue reading Making Sense of Collision Repair Costs