Top 4 Reasons to Choose Us for Mechanical Service

Not all mechanics and mechanic shops in Albuquerque are created equal. There are some shops, like Quanz Auto Body, that choose to consistently provide the people of Albuquerque with experienced auto mechanical work. So how do you know that we can provide you with the best mechanical service possible every time you bring your car in for maintenance?

Benefits of Auto Collision Repair at Quanz Auto Body

Getting into an accident, even the smallest of fender benders, can cause some serious body damage to your car, even if the extent of the damage isn’t immediately visible. After getting into an accident, it’s important to bring your vehicle to an experienced, I-Car Gold Class auto body repair shop, like Quanz Auto Body, for professional repair services.

Are you Comfortable Driving on Icy Roads?

Many roads can be wet or icy during this time of year in New Mexico. Snowfall can cause dangerous driving conditions that can leave you unable to see a few feet in front of you or make the roads so slick, causing accidents. In order to help you, and other drivers on the road, get to your final destination safely, we’ve put together some tips to keep you safe.

Love Your Pet Day

We love our pets. From dogs to goldfish, every pet is near and dear to our hearts. And we know that you love your pets, too.

Since today is Love Your Pet Day, we’ve decided to honor our pets by dedicating an entire blog to them! We’ve got tips to help keep your pet safe while in the car and to help keep your car clean while they go for a ride.  

Troubleshoot Your Car Brakes

Most vehicles today are made with disc brakes that include components like brake pads, rotors and calipers. Time, regular use or accidents might cause these parts to begin to wear or become misaligned. Some parts eventually need to be replaced or serviced. If you need troubleshooting for your car brakes due to an indication that something isn’t working properly, an expert technician from Quanz Advanced Auto Body can help!

What Do You Know About Oil Viscosity?

When someone refers to viscosity, they are usually talking about the oil’s resistance to flow. Viscosity might also be referred to as the oil’s thickness. For example, water has a low viscosity. In contrast, honey has a very high viscosity. Slower than molasses in January! The unit used to express viscosity in oil is measured in centistokes. (more…)

What Those Lights on Your Dashboard Mean

Those little lights on your dashboard aren’t there just to look pretty–they are actually trying to tell you something! Although the appearance of these lights can vary by make and model of the car you drive, they all have the same meaning in common: there’s an  

New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions ListThe New Year is a time to reflect on the progress we’ve made from the previous year. The New Year is also a chance to revitalize goals that we’ve made in the past, or to make new ones that have the ability to shape the rest of our lives. (more…)

Cold Weather Maintenance for Your Car

Woman cleaning car windshield of snow

Temperatures are cold in Albuquerque. When the temperature drops, people put on coats, scarves and gloves to protect themselves against the cold weather. Just as you prepare yourself for the cold weather, your car needs to be prepared for the dip in temperature. Although we don’t recommend buying scarves and gloves for your car (we don’t think that would help ;)), there are steps that you  

Part 1: About Motor Vehicle Oil

Selecting the right type of motor oil for your vehicle goes way past looking for the stamps of approval from the American Petroleum Institute and the Society of Automotive Engineers. Although those stamps can tell you that the motor oil has been tested and meets all standards set by these two certifying bodies; they cannot tell you if the bottle you have in your hand contains the proper oil