Ten Things That Can Damage Car Paint

Performance is a major factor when it comes to your vehicle. Proper maintenance is key to keeping your car up and running, but you should also take the right steps to preserve its appearance. One way to do that is to avoid common contaminants capable of ruining the paint job and affecting your enjoyment of your vehicle. (more…)

Bumper Replacement vs. Repair: How to Make the Right Choice

Bumpers are situated on the front and rear of your vehicle to absorb impacts during a collision. That’s why you must schedule immediate repair if yours is damaged. Otherwise, you run the risk of even more serious damage should you be involved in another accident. (more…)

What to Do When Your Car Overheats

When smoke comes pouring out of your vehicle, odds are good that the engine is overheating. This may signal that your car is without sufficient coolant, or the problem may arise from a faulty fan. Regardless of the underlying issue, taking the proper actions for an overheating vehicle is crucial. Here are a few things you can do. (more…)

5 Summer Car Maintenance Tips for 2021

Summer is in full swing and that means you’re relying on your car or truck to take you on vacation, to spend time with loved ones, and to get you to and from work. Maintenance is key, in this case, and the warmer months are a perfect time for certain types of maintenance. Here are a few items to put on your checklist. (more…)

Which Car Repairs Are Covered by Car Insurance?

Conventional auto insurance is intended for sudden, unexpected events. This includes collisions, theft, run ins with wild animals on the road, and many other occurrences. (more…)

How Often Should You Check or Change Your Car’s Transmission Fluid?

Your vehicle’s transmission is responsible for producing the right amount of power to operate the wheels at whatever speed you’re driving. Maintenance is crucial for this essential vehicle component, and proper maintenance includes checking the fluid and having it changed on a regular basis. (more…)

Car Insurance Myths and Facts

Car insurance may be one of the biggest mysteries of the modern automotive world. What is/is not covered varies with every single policy, every single driver. If you don’t do your own research, it’s easy to believe that what’s true for someone else is true for you…and that leads to a lot of myths that need to be corrected.

Myth #1: Every accident will raise your premiums.

It is actually possible to be  

Busting Airbag Myths

If you’ve never had an accident in which your airbag deployed, first, count yourself lucky. Second, be aware that you may be gullible to a number of airbag myths.
There’s a lot of urban lore surrounding the function and usefulness of airbags, like: (more…)

6 Tips for Teen Drivers

There’s more to being a good driver than the number of hours you’ve clocked behind the wheel. In fact, a lot of what it takes to be a good driver doesn’t even have to do with what you do behind the wheel, but more about the preparation you make and mindset you practice when hitting the road.

Driver’s training will teach you the rules of the road and help you develop the  

How Autonomous Cars May Change How We Drive

The tragic Uber crash on March 18th that killed a pedestrian in Arizona has slowed down the testing and development of autonomous cars. But we expect that as time passes and the investigation brings to light details about where the fault for the accident lies that autonomous driving software will improve and testing will increase.
In other words, autonomous vehicles seem an inevitability. So, how will their presence on roadways affect how we drive?  Based on what we know about