Car Maintenance Schedules: Why They’re Necessary

An automobile is a complex machine. It’s also an expensive one, which is why it pays to keep up with its routine maintenance. If you think timely oil changes are the be-all, end-all of automobile maintenance, think again. In reality, there are many important milestones that need to be kept in mind to keep a car humming right along. The best way to keep track of the milestones for your particular vehicle is with a car maintenance  

Aftermarket Add-Ons that Really DON’T Add (Resale) Value to your Car

We spend a lot of time in our cars—they’re like a second home. Like our homes, we often want to personalize our rides. But watch out! Some aftermarket add-ons can actually detract you’re your car’s resale value. Unless you’re planning to drive your car forever (and we mean forever), you may want to reconsider these expensive add-ons that may make your car more difficult to sell when that time comes:

Stereo Systems

If you’re an audiophile, you  

Aftermarket Add-Ons that Really Add (Resale) Value to your Car

Thinking about getting a new ride in 2012? Some mods may help you maximize your car’s resale value, but beware the aftermarket add-ons that actually detract from your car’s value! Stick to these practical installations to increase the marketability of your vehicle:

Security Systems

Anything that makes a vehicle harder to break into or steal is going to add resale value. The better the security system, the more value added to the car. Depending on your budget, you can start with  

Product Recalls

Recent high profile news of vehicle recalls may make you nervous about the safety of your vehicle. From the recent recalls of the Toyota Camry and Corolla due to pedal acceleration issues to the recall of several Honda models due to airbag problems, drivers are wondering whether their vehicle will be the next one with a major problem.


Filing an Insurance Claim

If statistics have any meaning, some of you may have had not-so “Merry and Bright” holidays because a fender bender put a dent in your fun. If you skated through Christmas accident-free, the upcoming New Year’s celebrations loom on the horizon. If you have the misfortune of having an accident, know what you need to do to make sure your insurance covers the repairs.

Before jumping into the nitty-gritty of filing an insurance claim, it may help to rethink  

Safe Driving on Snow and Ice

Albuquerque residents are no strangers to snow…but we’re used to the minimal-accumulation-that-melts-by-noon snow. That may not be the conditions you’re headed into if you’re traveling for the holidays. Whether you think you’re a seasoned pro (pun intended) or you’re new to winter weather driving, here’s some advice to keep you safe…and out of our collision repair shop.

An Ounce of Prevention

If at all possible, prevent all accidents—don’t drive in snowy and icy conditions. If you must venture out, you  

What does it mean to be ASE certified?

Getting work done on your car can be scary. It’s hard to know, if you can’t do the work yourself (and who can these days with all the computerized technology that goes into them?), who’s going to do a good job?

It would be easy if the big chains could be trusted to be experts, but the online reviews usually tell you otherwise. And sometimes those places with the really amazing deals for oil changes can’t do much else,  

Stay Cool: Why Radiator Flushing is Essential in the High Desert

If you live in New Mexico, or any warm climate, a common sight is seeing a motorist stranded at the side of the road, the hood of the car open and billows of steam pouring from the engine. In the high desert, it’s often due to a blown radiator, broken fan or ruptured radiator hose.

The radiator is the core of your vehicle’s cooling system. Radiators control the temperature of your car by cooling down all the parts moving in  

Fuel Additives: What are they and Why do I need them?

We’re all trying to find ways to cut back so we can save on gas. But have you ever considered what you might add to increase your mileage?

Fuel additives are one of the least understood products in car care. They’ve even gotten a bad reputation at times due to companies selling fuel additive products before testing them, leading to sub-par products. (more…)

Making Sense of Teardown Estimates

You go to the repair shop and they give you an initial estimate. They call and suddenly it’s higher. You might be feeling as though you have to judge whether the repairs are necessary or if the mechanic has put you in the “clueless” category. (more…)