I’ve Just Been Rear-Ended, What Now?

You have little control over whether you’re involved in a rear-end collision. However, that doesn’t make these accidents any less upsetting. Rear-end accidents can be minor, or they can result in serious injuries depending on speed and road conditions. While you can’t always avoid them, taking the following steps will help you handle a rear-end accident to the best of your ability.

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The 3 Most Common Repairs Auto Body Shops Do

When you think about auto body shops, you’re likely to think about near-complete vehicle rebuilds to repair severe collision damage. But most of the time, the certified techs at Quanz Auto Care are often busy with less-than-catastrophic repairs.

In the course of any given week, the most common repairs we do are:

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Bumper Repair

ThinkstockPhotos-490477022Even minor collisions like running into a curb or bumping a wall can cause damage to your car’s bumper. Those bumpers are designed to absorb impact and protect the people inside the car, but they still take damage from accidents. If your bumper is cracked, torn or dented, invest in having it repaired. This will maintain the integrity of the bumper and give you greater protection in case of a more damaging collision. Continue reading Bumper Repair