How to Know When Your Spark Plugs Need Changing

Spark plugs are meant to last a long time, but not a lifetime. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend having them changed between 75,000 and 100,000 miles. Ideally, your spark plugs should be inspected every 30,000 miles, so you have a heads-up when you may need maintenance. However, if you aren’t taking your car to Quanz Auto Body and your current mechanic isn’t keeping an eye out for you, then you may only know your spark plugs need changing because of tell-tale signs, like: Continue reading How to Know When Your Spark Plugs Need Changing

Why Did My Car Just Stop?

Man, rear view, checking engine of sports utility vehicle beside rural road

You’re driving along without a problem, and then there’s something that warns you—a shudder in the engine, a check light going on—but it doesn’t show up soon enough. Before you know it, your car has just stopped and you can’t get it running again. What could’ve happened? We’ll give you a few basic problems that can cause engine stalling. Continue reading Why Did My Car Just Stop?