How To Find an Auto Body Repair Shop After an Accident

If you wereinvolved in a car accident, you know you can count on your insurance company tocover the cost of repairs. However, what you don’t know is whether or not theAlbuquerque repair shop you choose has your best interests in mind or theinsurer’s. Some auto body repair shops truly do want to restore the value ofyour vehicle, while others, unfortunately, try to downplay claims, minimizerepair costs, use cheap parts and even fail to fully repair issues. Though youmay think you’re getting a good deal, the truth is that these practices cansignificantly degrade the value or your vehicle, or worse — put you in danger.You can avoid falling victim to shady repair shops by knowing how to look forreputable repair shops.

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The 3 Most Common Repairs Auto Body Shops Do

When you think about auto body shops, you’re likely tothink about near-complete vehicle rebuilds to repair severe collision damage.But most of the time, the certified techs at Quanz Auto Care are oftenbusy with less-than-catastrophic repairs.

In the course of any given week, the most common repairswe do are:

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4 Ways to Promptly Find Reliable Auto Collision Repair Services

You’ve been ina car accident. You’re shaken up. Once you’ve finished taking care ofexchanging insurance information, filing a police report and tending to anyinjuries, now you have the work of getting your car repaired.

So how do youquickly find a reliable auto collision repair service?

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5 Things You Should Know before Getting Auto Body Collision Repair

Here’s thesituation: You were in an accident; thankfully your car wasn’t totaled. Theinsurance company has given you the go-ahead to get repairs done. But beforeyou approve any repairs yourself, there are a few things you should know beforegetting body collision repair.

  • There may be more damage beneath the surface

Whena vehicle hits an object at high speed, the impact moves through the entirecar. The damage that impact causes isn’t always visible right away. Componentsare designed to absorb or transfer impact in different ways/at different ratesto minimize risk to driver and passenger. That means there may be damage toother parts, including the frame, alignment or body panels beneath what maylook like just a bent fender or dented panel.

Itis essential that you have a certified technician do a thorough inspection anddisassembly of your car before any repairs begin. It will give you and theinsurance companies a clear picture of allthe repairs needed and how much it will cost.

  • Your car can be good-as-new

Areputable, experienced auto body shop can restore your vehicle to pre-accidentcondition (sometimes better). But this requires expert knowledge, certified andexperienced technicians and the right parts.

  • Your insurance company may try to useaftermarket parts

Thereare two types of parts to replace those that are damaged: Original EquipmentManufacturer (OEM) parts and aftermarket parts. OEM parts are produced by yourcar’s manufacturer to fit your model specifically. Aftermarket parts are oftenmass-produced parts made by a third party and may fit many makes and models, sothey’re cheaper.

Often,insurance companies will only approve repairs using aftermarket parts becausethey are less expensive. However, aftermarket parts may void your warranty andaffect your resale value. Aftermarket parts could also be a poor fit, causingmechanical and/or safety issues down the road. 

Makesure you go with a shop that will notify you if the insurance company is onlycovering aftermarket parts so you have the opportunity to tell them you wantOEM parts.

  • You don’t have to deal with insurancecompanies alone

Aquality collision repair center will help you deal with insurance companies.They will send the first and the tear-down repair estimate directly and talk toyour claims agent to explain why they need to repair an issue that may not havebeen on the original estimate as well as update your insurance company (andyou) about the repair progress.

  • You can choose your collision repair shop

Youdo not have to go with the collision repair shop the insurance providerrecommends. That’s your choice (by law, in most cases). After all, yourinsurance company may be recommending a shop solely based on location (theclosest) or the least expensive (which doesn’t always translate to qualityrepairs).

Whenchoosing a collision repair center, check references and the internet forreviews and information.

QuanzAuto Care has beenvoted “Best in the City” for collision repair year after year because wegenuinely care about you. Our certified technicians have the experience neededto get your car back to pre-accident condition with minimal disruption to yourlife. And we communicate directly with the insurance companies, so you don’thave to. Contact us today!

Why You Should Always Choose OEM Parts for Collision Repair

When you’ve been in an accident and your car needscollision repair, you want to know that your car is once again safe to drive.At Quanz Auto Body, we truly careabout our customers, and we want to ensure that you do get your car back in the best condition possible so you know youcan drive it safely for years to come.

One of the best ways to do that is to always choose OEMparts for collision repair.

What are OEM Parts?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM partsare made bythe car manufacturer, nota third party. In other words, OEM parts are made specifically for your vehiclemake and model.

The alternative to OEM parts are aftermarketparts—components manufactured by a third party. Aftermarket parts may be ofcomparable quality and fit…then again, they may not. Sometimes (and it’s notalways easy to know when), aftermarket parts are not made to manufacturerspecifications or properly fit a specific make and/or model. Becauseaftermarket parts are often designed to fit multiple makes and models, they aregenerally produced at high volume, and thus, they are usually cheaper.

Why You Should Always Choose OEM Parts for Collision Repair

Although aftermarket parts may reduce the cost ofcollision repair, the certified auto body technicians at Quanz Auto Bodyrecommend choosing OEM parts for collision repair. Like we said earlier, OEMparts are made by your car’s maker—they fit yourcar. Period. And the right fit is crucial to ensuring the integrity and safetyof your vehicle after an accident.

Plus, OEM parts give you greater assurance of quality andtypically come backed by a more extensive warranty than aftermarket parts. Andin some cases, the use of aftermarket parts may decrease the resale value ofyour car.

Quanz Cares  

Unfortunately, some insurance companies try to reduce thecost of repairs they’re covering for you by approving estimates withaftermarket parts. At Quanz, we use OEM parts in our collision repair estimatesto avoid cost comparisons that could jeopardize the quality of your repairs.But, if your insurance carrier insists on aftermarket parts, we will alert youso that you can contact your insurance provider and request approval for OEMparts. We are always happy to assist with your claims processing, so we’llprovide the documentation and communicate directly with your insurance carrieras needed.

Your safety is our priority. For collision repairs youcan feel good about, contact us and find out for yourself what award-winningcollision repair really is.

Why You Should Always Use a Professional Collision Repair Shop

There are some things you can DIY with no problems—car washes, repainting interior walls, moving your own furniture. But there are some things you should never attempt to do yourself or allow an uncredentialled “professional” to handle—like collision repair.

No matter how minor the damage may seem, you should always go to a reputable collision repair shop like Quanz Auto Body to avoid risks like: Continue reading Why You Should Always Use a Professional Collision Repair Shop

Collision vs. Comprehensive Coverage—What’s the Difference?

Auto body repair can get expensive quickly. So, whenever possible, you should have insurance coverage that can minimize or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses. That may lead you to look into collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Which one do you need? Or do you need both of them?

Because Quanz Auto Body helps handle a lot of insurance claims for auto body repairs, we know a few things about auto insurance. Here’s what you need to know: Continue reading Collision vs. Comprehensive Coverage—What’s the Difference?

Making Sense of Collision Repair Costs

Auto body repairs are something that you just can’t (or shouldn’t) DIY. So, you have to leave it to the professionals. But that’s inevitably expensive. What gives?
The cost of collision repairs makes sense when you know what those numbers—especially labor costs—represent. Here’s what you need to know to make sense of your estimate or final bill: Continue reading Making Sense of Collision Repair Costs

What Is an OEM-Certified Auto Body Repair Facility and Why Should You Choose One?

If you’ve had the misfortune of having a car accident, often you will go to the repair shop your insurance company directs you to. But that may not always be your best choice. Insurance companies are in the business of making money, and sometimes that can come at the expense of quality repairs.

For your auto body repair, you should insist on an OEM-certified shop like Quanz Auto Body.

Understanding OEM Shop Certification

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