Is Your Car Ready for Holiday Travel?

If you are sticking close to the greater Albuquerque area for the holidays, chances are you won’t run into severe winter weather. But many Albuquerque residents are transplants who will return to their childhood stomping grounds in chillier parts of the country. If you’re making that trip in your car, make sure your vehicle is ready for harsher winter driving conditions. Here’s how: Continue reading Is Your Car Ready for Holiday Travel?

Tips for Safe Winter Driving

winter road in the morning

Quanz Auto Body is Albuquerque’s choice for auto body repair, but that doesn’t mean we want to see you in our garage because of an accident on wet or icy roads. To avoid fender benders and major-damage collisions, learn how to drive safely in winter conditions.

Winter Driving Dos

When you need to venture out in the cold: Continue reading Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Santa’s List Day

It’s the holiday season, when letters are still written to Santa Claus every year by hopeful children who want that one special gift that will bring them joy on Christmas morning. This is a magical time when children everywhere are thinking about unwrapping presents under the Christmas tree. To keep with the tradition of writing to Santa, we wanted to write a wish list of our own! Continue reading Santa’s List Day

Happy National Courtesy Month

Being nice to others is always a good practice, but being polite and courteous makes a real difference when in the car. Think about it. Instead of a driver cutting you off in the middle of rush hour, they would politely signal and safely pass you. The second option seems much more civil and a lot less risky, especially at high speeds. September is National Courtesy Month and we wanted to give you a few tips to help you become a more courteous driver. Continue reading Happy National Courtesy Month

National Win With Civility Month

August, National Win With Civility Month, gives us the opportunity to discuss everyday occurrences where being civil can help us take control of a potentially messy situation and keep things…well, civil. It could be sharing your new book with your significant other instead of starting an argument. Or it could be taking a few deep breaths to keep your composure when you’re starting to show signs of road rage. Continue reading National Win With Civility Month