Why You Should Only Trust ASE- and I-CAR Certified Technicians

There are dozens of automotive and auto body shops in the greater Albuquerque area. It’s understandable if you’re confused about which garages you can really trust. There is one way to quickly narrow your choices—only consider shops with technicians that have the right credentials—ASE-certified technicians for automotive maintenance repair, I-CAR certification for collision repair.

These certifications ensure that the people working on your car really have the right knowledge and skills.

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How We’ve Gotten So Many “Best of” Awards

Thank you, Albuquerque, for making Quanz Auto Body the 2018 “Best of the City” award winner…again! We have consistently been voted your favorite location for auto body repair since 2012. How do we do it?

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How Much Should You Pay for Routine Maintenance and Repair?

You’re not made of money, so you don’t want to have to pay more than you have to for routine vehicle maintenance and common repairs. At the same time, you do not want to set yourself up for trouble down the road because of sub-standard work or materials.

If you’re not in the industry, it can be hard to know what a fair price for any service is, especially because advertised specials or high-volume shops can create some big price differences.

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How to Choose the Right Collision Repair Shop in ABQ

There are more than 100 collision repair shops in Albuquerque—just Albuquerque. So, which one should you choose to restore your car to pre-accident condition?

When you know what factors to look for, the choices get whittled down to a more manageable number. And when you know what questions to ask, you can find the best collision repair shop in town (spoiler in case you’re pressed for time: it’s Quanz Auto Body…voted Best of the City, again, in 2017).

Options Management: What to Look for in a Collision Repair Shop

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We do MUCH More Than Talk-the-Talk

Are you looking for the best auto repair services? Look no further than Quanz Auto Body. We offer what it takes to back up our claims of superior auto body and mechanical service. Maintaining your car’s health and value is our top priority, and here’s how we walk our walk:

Experienced, Certified Technicians

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DIY Maintenance or the Pros?

When it comes to repairing your vehicle, it may be tempted to try and save a little cash by attempting DIY maintenance and repairs. The problem is the “What if?” What if you don’t do the maintenance or repair job right? That can lead to even pricier issues later down the road. So, the money you save and then some will be going to a professional mechanic to fix the bigger issue. Our advice: at least always consult with an ASE-certified mechanic…unless it’s one of these issues:

Maintenance Issues You Do NOT Want to Toy With

There are some maintenance or mechanical repairs that you should always leave to your ASE-certified technician at Quanz Auto Body: Continue reading DIY Maintenance or the Pros?

Advantages of Fleet Maintenance

Fleet maintenance is necessary for a business to conduct everyday operations efficiently. Regular maintenance and vehicles repairs may seem like a hassle, particularly if you don’t have a fleet maintenance provider in place. Quanz Auto Body provides fleet maintenance to help you achieve immediate and long-term cost savings.

Preventative Maintenance

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Why We’ve Been Voted “Best in the City”…Again

The votes have been tallied and the announcements made, but just recently you may be noticing the new “Best of the City” award stickers on doors, maybe even celebratory specials. As you may already know, Quanz Auto Body won “Best of the City” for auto body repair in 2016…like we did in 2015 and 2014 and 2013 and 2011. What’s the secret behind our success? Our commitment to you!

We Offer the Best Product

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Guest Blog: My Daughter’s Car Was Rear-Ended. Here’s the Repair Story

It was every father’s worst nightmare: my daughter called me crying, saying, “Daddy, I’ve been in an accident.” After the initial panic, realizing the she was calling, so she was okay, I took a breath and prepared myself for the hassles to come…but they never came.

Roadside Recovery

I was the first call my daughter made, so I stayed on the phone with her while she waited for police to arrive. I coached her on the next steps— Continue reading Guest Blog: My Daughter’s Car Was Rear-Ended. Here’s the Repair Story

Your “Check Engine” Light is On. Now What?

It’s the moment every driver dreads. You are cruising along when you notice an illumination on your dashboard that wasn’t there before—it’s the “Check Engine” light. Now what do you do?

Common Reasons for “Check Engine” Warnings

First: don’t panic. There are dozens of reasons why your “Check Engine” light went on. Common diagnostic codes include: Continue reading Your “Check Engine” Light is On. Now What?