Planning the Perfect Road Trip

What makes the perfect road trip is highly subjective. For some people, it means having a great vacation destination. For others, the ultimate playlist…or your best buddies…or just your furry friend as your copilot. But here at Quanz Auto Body, the perfect road trip is one the ends with you safely at your destination and your car in good condition. Second best is a road trip where you’re prepared for any mishaps along the way.

The perfect road trip starts with some planning and a visit to your ASE-certified technicians at Quanz before hitting the road.

The Perfect Road Trip Packing List

The key to the perfect road trip is to be ready for small hiccups so that they do not become major disasters. So, you need to have first aid, safety and vehicle maintenance basics at the ready. At minimum, make sure you have packed: Continue reading Planning the Perfect Road Trip

Is Your Car Ready for Holiday Travel?

If you are sticking close to the greater Albuquerque area for the holidays, chances are you won’t run into severe winter weather. But many Albuquerque residents are transplants who will return to their childhood stomping grounds in chillier parts of the country. If you’re making that trip in your car, make sure your vehicle is ready for harsher winter driving conditions. Here’s how: Continue reading Is Your Car Ready for Holiday Travel?

Vacation Prep: Get There and Back in One Piece

You want your vacation to be memorable for all the right reasons, and that doesn’t include unexpected car troubles, car accidents or other types of emergencies. While you can’t control everything, proper planning can go a long way to preventing unwanted hassles and tragedies. So, if you’re planning to take to the road for your summer vacation, we have a few tips.

Prepare Your Car for Your Travel and Destination

Travel throughout the US has the potential to take you through the blistering heat of southern Texas or the likes of Death Valley as well as unseasonably cool Pacific Northwest where mountain camping could very well see snow. You need to make sure your car is prepared for the Continue reading Vacation Prep: Get There and Back in One Piece

Before Your Next Road Trip…

200361156-001Nothing ruins a planned vacation quite like a car breaking down in the middle of your trip. Walking a few miles to the next rest station or calling for help with your cell phone may not take much time out of your vacation, but the repairs to your car could well stop the trip before it even starts. Make sure your car is as summer-ready as you are with a tune-up! Continue reading Before Your Next Road Trip…

Tips for Being Safe on the Road with Quanz Auto Body

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the most dangerous times to be on the road. This could be because more teen drivers and families are on the road enjoying summer vacation and holidays like Fourth of July. In this blog, Quanz Auto Body will share our top tips for staying safe while on the road this summer. Continue reading Tips for Being Safe on the Road with Quanz Auto Body

Having Your Car Tuned Up

It’s almost summer time! If you’re going on a long road trip soon, or if you feel that your car is sluggish or not operating at maximum capacity, it might be time for a tune-up. Usually, your car manufacturer will recommend that you get a tune-up every so often. Check your owner’s manual for additional manufacturer recommendations. Continue reading Having Your Car Tuned Up

Happy National Courtesy Month

Being nice to others is always a good practice, but being polite and courteous makes a real difference when in the car. Think about it. Instead of a driver cutting you off in the middle of rush hour, they would politely signal and safely pass you. The second option seems much more civil and a lot less risky, especially at high speeds. September is National Courtesy Month and we wanted to give you a few tips to help you become a more courteous driver. Continue reading Happy National Courtesy Month

National Win With Civility Month

August, National Win With Civility Month, gives us the opportunity to discuss everyday occurrences where being civil can help us take control of a potentially messy situation and keep things…well, civil. It could be sharing your new book with your significant other instead of starting an argument. Or it could be taking a few deep breaths to keep your composure when you’re starting to show signs of road rage. Continue reading National Win With Civility Month

Trending: Car Infotainment Systems

Let’s face it: mobile devices are a way of life. So is spending a large part of your wakeful hours in your car. People want and need to stay connected on the roadways, yet doing so by looking down to key in a phone number or type a text or check an email presents a HUGE safety risk to everyone on the road. That’s why automakers will continue to develop car infotainment systems that balance connectivity and safety. Continue reading Trending: Car Infotainment Systems