Get Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready for Spring Break 2012

Spring break—it’s why you went to college in the first place, right? You’ve been planning your trip for months now. You, your friends, your friends’ friends will be packed tightly into your Ford Focus with only the essentials—an extra change of clothes, road snacks and your iPhone with a newly created “Road Trip” play list. Besides making sure that you email Mom and Dad the number where you’re going to be staying, what else is left to do? Continue reading Get Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready for Spring Break 2012

Car Safety for Your Pet

Although they can’t really tell us, we’re pretty sure that for dogs nothing compares to feeling of  sticking your head out of the car window and letting the wind blow your ears back and whip your tongue across your face. And while it’s adorable to see when you pass someone with their faithful companion hanging out the window, you gotta wonder, “Is that safe?”

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Safe Driving on Snow and Ice

Albuquerque residents are no strangers to snow…but we’re used to the minimal-accumulation-that-melts-by-noon snow. That may not be the conditions you’re headed into if you’re traveling for the holidays. Whether you think you’re a seasoned pro (pun intended) or you’re new to winter weather driving, here’s some advice to keep you safe…and out of our collision repair shop.

An Ounce of Prevention

If at all possible, prevent all accidents—don’t drive in snowy and icy conditions. If you must venture out, you should know that safe winter driving has less to do with technique, more to do with preparation. So, follow

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Ready, Set, Go (On Vacation)!

The Maintenance Your Car Needs Before Your Family Trip

Last week’s blog covered some basic safety tips that you need to be aware of before hitting the road on a trip. Those tips can help keep you safe, but do you know what you need to do to help keep your car going strong while on a long trip? There is some maintenance and other items you’ll need to get your car ready for your vacation. Continue reading Ready, Set, Go (On Vacation)!

Tips for Trips

Staying Safe While on the Road

Aside from the heat, one thing that always comes with summer are road trips. Whether it’s a trip with the whole family, your close buddies, or that special someone, vacations are fun getaways. There are several safety tips you should keep in mind while out on the road. These tips can keep you safe in case of emergency and ensure a good time. Continue reading Tips for Trips