Pros and Cons of Owning a Tesla

Whenit comes to modern-day symbols of wealth and prosperity, the Tesla fits thebill pretty perfectly. Economically friendly, sleek, quiet and fast, theTesla is one of the most sought-after vehicles on the market today. It’s alsoexclusive, with prospective owners having to join a waitlist before acquiringone. Whether you’re in the market for a new vehicle or simply want to makeyourself feel better for not being able to afford one, you may want to know if allthe hype surrounding this space-age vehicle is warranted. To answer yourquestion, explore the pros and cons of Tesla ownership below.

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Tips for Safe Driving During New Mexico’s Winters

New Mexico may not see 12 feet of snow during the winter, and nor do we see much, if any, ice. However, the Land of Enchantment isn’t immune to some form of inclement weather during the holiday season. Rain and heavy winds often characterize our winters, which is why you need to learn how to drive safe when the roads are wet and the winds are high.

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Customizing Your Emergency Car Kit

Imagine: it’s late at night. You’re driving down a winding road when you feel the steering wheel tugging, resisting your steering command. You slow down and approach the shoulder. Once stopped, you step out of your vehicle to find a flat tire. Are you prepared?

If you don’t have the supplies it takes to remedy a flat tire, then likely you’re ill-equipped for being stranded. But we can help you fix that with a well-stocked emergency kit. But before you go spending thousands of dollars to prepare for any situation, including a zombie Continue reading Customizing Your Emergency Car Kit

Tips for a Comfy Morning Commute

Climbing into a frigid vehicle on a cold morning is no way to start your day. But you don’t have to wrap yourself up like A Christmas Story’s Randy or suffer sub-zero temperatures while your cabin warms up. Here are two (maybe three) great ideas to make warming your car up easier:

  1. Keep your car indoors
    If you have a garage, clear out enough old furniture and Cub Scouts projects to make room for your car or truck. Parking indoors can keep your car warmer. And, as an added bonus, you don’t have to wake up earlier to clear off frost or snow.
  2. Install a remote starter
    You can start your car’s engine without any nip to your nose or fingertips by using a remote starter. These starters use a transponder exactly like a standard key fob. The security system and all the locks will remain active, ensuring your car remains secure as you pre-heat it.

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Regular or Premium: Which Fuel Is Right for My Car?

Is premium fuel recommended for your car? Are you trying to improve performance by fueling up with premium gas? When it is necessary, and when is it a waste of money?

The answer: it depends. Here’s a look at the difference between fuel types.

What an Octane Rating Means

Fuel ratings are based on the octane rating—the level (percentage) of octane (a specific hydrocarbon compound) in the gas. Higher octane ratings allow the fuel to withstand more compression before igniting…and that’s a good thing because it prevents fuel from igniting too early, which can cause knocking and eventually engine damage.

All unleaded gas sold in the US has some octane. The grade of fuel is determined Continue reading Regular or Premium: Which Fuel Is Right for My Car?

3 Reasons Why You Should Keep up with Your Vehicle’s Maintenance

To many car owners, car maintenance is nothing more than putting in gas and getting regular oil changes. But, if you’ve ever flipped to the pages outlining the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual or read the list on the 15- or 29-point maintenance checklists at quick-lube shops, you’ll know there’s a lot more that can be done….and here’s why you should get it done:

Increased Safety & Security

Safe vehicle operations are often dependent on the vehicle’s condition. For instance:

  • You need healthy brake pads, rotors and fluid lines (filled with fluid, of course) to stop on a dime
  • You need to see to avoid road hazards and prevent accidents, so you need working headlights and an intact windshield
  • You need other vehicles and pedestrians to see you and anticipate your movements, so you need working signal lights

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A Spooktacular Car Story for Halloween

It was October 30th, the night before Halloween. Mark was driving home from visiting his girlfriend, and he decided to take the back roads. His dad let him drive his 1975 Chevy, and he told him to always stay off the highways. Drivers these days went far too fast, and an old car like that couldn’t keep up. Mark laughed to himself, thinking about how foolish that was. Still, he listened to his dad and went home on the country roads.

As he turned down Stone Marsh Road, he noticed some lights coming up behind him in his rear-view mirror. They were flying towards him at an alarming rate. It looked like a huge truck, Mark thought. The truck was so wide it nearly took up the whole road. Before long it was roaring right up against his back bumper.

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To Repair or Replace? Is It Time for You to Get a New Car?

New cars are expensive. That’s one of the primary drivers behind the increasing average age of car ownership. In the last few years, reports show that Americans are keeping their cars for an average of 11 years before investing in a new vehicle purchase.

However, your car’s age is not the only factor to consider when weighing repair vs. replacement. The cost of repairs compared to the cost of a car payment may indicate it’s time for a new ride.

Cost Comparisons

There is a time when vehicle repairs are not the most cost-effective option. One way to know if you have reached that point is to know your car’s current market value.

Websites like Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds have calculators that show you what your car would be worth for private or dealer sale. With that figure in mind, you can calculate the repair cost as a percentage Continue reading To Repair or Replace? Is It Time for You to Get a New Car?

Most Common Types of Collisions

We love New Mexico, but cruising around in Albuquerque can make one wonder, “Where’d you learn how to drive?” Burqueños are no stranger to auto accidents. There are a number of multiple-driver crashes we commonly do repairs for:

Rear-end collisions

Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of accidents. They may happen when someone abruptly stops or when a driver is following too closely and is not paying close attention. (Are your cheeks burning? Is this you?)

Side-impact Collisions

Side-impact crashes are also called broadside or T-bone accidents. While they can occur at any speed, most T-bone accidents happen when a vehicle is traveling very fast through an intersection and Continue reading Most Common Types of Collisions

If Your Car Gets Stuck in a Flood, What Do You Do?

The hurricanes and tropical storms of late summer may have you wondering: what if something like that happened here? While hurricanes or typhoons are not likely to hit mid-New Mexico, our area is prone to flash floods…and you never know when a water main break could cause flood-like conditions in your neighborhood.

If you get caught in a flood in your car, here’s what we suggest:

Immediate Flood Response

As soon as you know that water makes driving impossible, turn on your hazards to attract attention and provide a warning to neighboring drivers.

In the event that water is surrounding and filling your car, your safety must be your priority…and that means you need Continue reading If Your Car Gets Stuck in a Flood, What Do You Do?