Celebrating 40 Years Serving Albuquerque

2020 may be off to a rough start, but at Quanz Auto Body, we have to say that the year has its merits — and that is in large part because this year, we get to celebrate our 40th year serving vehicle owners throughout Albuquerque.

Our story began in Rick Quanz’s Rio Rancho backyard back in 1980, where Rick made serving vehicles an afternoon side-gig. However, as word spread about Rick’s dedication to making things better for his clients and their vehicles, business began to grow. After getting married to the love of his life in 1980, Rick sold his speedboat, truck and camper and bought a little gas station on Alameda and set to work growing his business. After making two of the smartest hiring decisions he’s made in the past forty years — hiring Roy Steward in 1985 and then Greg Riewe in 1986 — business began to flourish.

Four Decades of Being a People and Value-Focused Business

We could recap our history for you here, but why do that when you can always head over to our About Us page to see how we got started? Instead, we just want to give a shout out to everyone who made these past 40 years possible. While we would be nothing without our team members, we also know we’d be nothing without you, our customers.

We have over 90 team members and their family members who depend on us to make a living, and we could not make a living if you did not entrust your vehicle with us. We understand that our very livelihood — as well as the livelihood of our team — depends on you, which is why our number one priority is to provide you with better collision repair, a better customer service experience and better value, every time. In addition to striving to making things better, we have been driven by six core values over the past four decades:

  • Trust
  • Growth
  • Caring
  • Hard work
  • Generosity
  • Gratefulness

We’re Looking Forward to a Another 40 More

At Quanz Auto Body, we’re always looking to the future. This is evident in everything from the people we hire to the processes we use. We don’t hire to fill a fleeting need — we hire to contribute to the long-term growth of our company and the betterment of our team. We don’t believe in quick fixes or cheap processes — we make repairs designed to last, and we use processes and materials that minimize our carbon footprint and give back to the community. We care about everyone and everything we come into contact with, and we believe that caring will enable us to enjoy another 40+ years serving the Albuquerque community. If you have yet to experience the Quanz Auto Body difference, make 2020 the year you try something new. Whenever you have a repair to be done, give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to make things better for you, as we’ve done for thousands of other clients over the past 40 years.